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Diode laser Beauty Machine

diode laser hair removal machine ---4D SPI X1 4D, IVYPLUS Titanium series T2000, NOVALAS S SERIES

Diode laser Stack for beauty

Micro channel laser stack, Macro channel laser stack, VCSEL Laser Stack

Diode laser Stack for Industry

ARC packaging diode laser stack, Circular packaging stack, Horiezontal diode laser array, Vertical diode laser stack

Diode Pumped laser module (DPSS)

GN series CW35W-1000W DPSS Laser module GQ series QCW 100W-200000W DPSS Laser module


Oriental-laser (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Oriental-laser (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of aesthetics & Medical laser equipment in China, founded in 2008. It is the beauty equipment manufacturer which owns specialty on diode laser cosmetic technique and the unique independent diode laser chip packaging technology in the world. Oriental-laser pays more attention on R&D and keeps strict manufacturer management,has its own research & development department,sales and after-sales departments; we can offer the professional technology supports and clinic service.

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Laser hair removal

Germany imported micro channel

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GQ JQ series QCW diode pump module 900-20000w water cooling max...

GQ JQ series diode pump module 900-20000w water cooling max duty cycle 12.5% Module model Picture Peak...
arc laser diode stack

QCW 1000w-4000w Diode stack

Application: Pumping Scientific research Advantage: AuSn Hard Solder Packaging High Peak Power Customized design upon...

GN series CW DPSSL diode pump module 35-450w

GN series CW DPSSL diode pump module 35-450w Model Model design Drawing Rated power (w) Rated current(A) Voltage(V) Rod size(mm) Center height(mm) GN35-H GN35-H-2*67-CX-40 GN35-H-267-CX-40 35w 22 <18 2*67 40 GN50-H GN50-H-3*67-CX-40 GN50-H-367-CX-40 50w 22 <18 3*67 40 GN50-H GN50-H-4*67-CX-40 GN50-H-467-CX-40 50w 22 <18 4*67 40 GN75-H GN75-H-3*78-CX-40 GN75-H-378-CX-40 75W 22 <24 3*78 40 GN75-H GN75-H-3*78-CX-45 GN75-H-378-CX-45 75W 22 <24 3*78 45 GN75-E GN75-E-3*78-CX-45 GN75-E-378-CX-45 75W 25 <24 3*78 45 GN100A GN100-E-4*100-XX-50 GN100-E-4100-XX-50 100W 25 <30 4*100 50 GN100B GN100-E-5*76-XX-50 GN100-E-576-XX-50 100W 25 <30 5*76 50 GN150 150W 25 <40 GN150-H GN150-H-3*110-CX-50 GN150-H-3110-CX-50 150W 22 <48 3*110 50 GN200 GN200-E-5*100-XX-50 GN200-E-5100-XX-50 200W 25 <50 5*100 50 GN200 GN200-E-4*100-CX-50 GN200-E-4100-CX-50 200W 25 <50 4*100 50 GN300 GN300-E-5*124-XB-40 GN300-E-5124-XB-40 300W 25 <70 5*124 40 GN300 GN300-E-5*124-XG-50 GN300-E-5124-XG-50 300W 25 <70 5*124 50 GN400 GN400-E-5*148-XG-50 GN400-E-5148-XG-50 400W 25 <90 5*148 50 GN450 GN450-E-5*160-XG-50 GN450-E-5160-XG-50 450W 25 <100 5*160 50

2023 picolaser co2 beauty equipment laser tattoo removal machine for clinic...

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Ivysculpt 2 Handles Body Slimming Diode Laser 1060nm Non-Invasive Laser Body...

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