What you will get from LILY?

1. 2 in 1 spot fuction, with big size 15*25mm. It can provide laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal. 
2. High laser power 1600W. Super high power, make treatment more efficient.
3. Special design with water filters outside of machine, very easy to change water filter in the future!

Advantage of 2 IN 1 laser removal

  • they are assembled together by the diode laser hair removal machine manufacturer to produce light for hair removal/tattoo removal treatment! 2 in 1, triple wavelength laser hair removal.
  • Germany imports laser bars
  • Most importantly, more than 10 million shots ensure a longer life than others.
  • “Plug & Play” Technology – no need technician.
  • International hair removal standard technology.
  • Strong cooling system.

Treatment Range of 1200W Diode Laser 3 wave 755 808/810 1064 Machine

Each wavelength light has its main treatment range:

808/810nm is the fastest wavelength in hair removal,it has a moderate level of melanin absorption, making it safer for deeper skin types. Its deep penetration targets the bulges and bulbs of the hair follicles, while moderate tissue penetration makes it ideal for the treatment of arms, legs, cheeks and beards.

755nm has great result in thin hair removal. Suitable for the widest range of hair types and colors. The 755nm wavelength has more surface penetration, making it ideal for the widest range of hair types and colors, especially for thin hair, such as the surface of the eyebrows and upper lip.

1064nm is mainly for hair removal in dark or tanned skin customers. The 1064 nm wavelength is characterized by lower melanin absorption, providing the deepest hair follicle penetration. Make it a centralized solution for deeper skin types. It targets bulbs and nipples, as well as treating hair deep into the scalp, arm and genital area.

These 3 wavelengths will work together at the same time.

For laser hair removal handle, high power and five spot size to meet fast hair removal and hair removal effect.

For laser tattoo removal applicator, 1064nm can against dark tattoo, 532nm is good at againsting colorful tattoo, and carbon peel help skin rejuvenation or lightenning. We choose the newest technology Q-swithed ND:YAG, this applicator has a replaceable filter part, which designed for emitting a different wavelength of laser, to used in different treatments.

User-friendly design internal software

We provide a clean and simple interface for buyers to get started easily, and be quickly familiar with the machine.

System language of this machine can be customized, just tell us your preferred language and we can satisfy your need.



Power 1200W 500w
Spot Size 15mm*25mm 1-10mm adjustable
Wavelength 755nm+1064nm+808nm 532/1064/1320nm
Energy Density 0~120J 1000mJ
2000mJ max
Pulse Frequency 1-10Hz 1-10Hz
Pulse Duration 10-400ms 20-30ns
Laser Bars/ Lamp Germany power-exponent function laser bar Φ6 + UK Xenon lamp
System Language ALL language support
LCD Screen 10.4″
system Cooling Method R134a Hitachi Freon Compressor Cooling+Air cooling+Water cooling+TEC
lnput VAC 220VAC / 50-60Hz or 110VAC / 50-60Hz
Warranty 1 year or 10 million shots
Continuous working hours 7×24 hours Continuous working
Weight 80KG





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