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3D RF Micro Needle

Fractional Radio Frequency Micro Needle Anti-Aging Machine

3D RF Micro Needle is a marriage of technology and aesthetics, ingeniously combining microneedling with radiofrequency power. The Radiofrequency Microneedle is also called Golden Microneedle. “Golden” not only describes the gleaming gold plating on the needle tips but also reflects its premium quality. With easy adjustments for needle depth and radiofrequency energy, personalized treatments can be administered with minimal steps. This device, controlled by precise electronics, efficiently penetrates the epidermis to deliver energy for exceptional skin tightening and rejuvenation.


What is Gold Radiofrequency Microneedling?

Radiofrequency microneedling is an advanced skin treatment technology that combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy.

It creates tiny punctures on the skin’s surface and directly applies radiofrequency energy to the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers.

This treatment can be used to reduce acne scars, wrinkles, enhance skin firmness and elasticity, and improve skin laxity and hyperpigmentation. The procedure is safe, quick and relatively painless, with a short recovery time.


What Does Gold Microneedling Address?

1. Wrinkles: Crow’s feet, forehead lines, nasolabial folds, neck lines.

2. Facial rejuvenation and lifting.

3. Stretch marks and striae.

4. Enlarged pores.

5. Dull skin texture.

6. Redness.

7. Skin whitening.

8. Acne scars.

9. Atrophic scars.

10. Routine skin maintenance and care.

Action Principle

The mechanical stimulation of microneedling, combined with the biological effects and thermal stimulation from radiofrequency, collectively activate the skin’s self-repair system, promoting metabolism, improving microcirculation, and initiating the regeneration and reorganization of collagen and other elements.

The penetration of microneedles opens a fast absorption channel for the skin, facilitating the entry of cosmetic ingredients.

The radiofrequency energy emitted from the microneedle tips can selectively damage hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands, suppressing inflammatory responses and activating the body’s own anti-inflammatory repair system.

Procedure Steps

Dermal Physical Microneedling – Skin Tightening and Lifting:

Breaks through the epidermal barrier to accurately target deep layers.

High-Energy Constant Radiofrequency – Wrinkle-Free and Plump:

Radiofrequency energy stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, resulting in more supple, moisturized, and elastic skin without wrinkles.

Transdermal Multi-Effect Drug Delivery – Bright and Transparent Skin:

Customized treatment drugs are introduced along the microneedle-created pathways for enhanced effects.

Machine Details

★ Modern Aesthetic Design

3D RF Micro Needle, with its minimalist white body, projects a futuristic technological vibe while maintaining a fashionable and premium aesthetic. Its compact and portable design not only reflects the humanization of technology but also makes professional skincare easily accessible.

★ Advanced Smart Interface

The cutting-edge smart interface of our latest design streamlines the treatment process for heightened efficiency and precision. Tailored to address the unique skin concerns of the face and abdomen, we have specifically crafted separate operation interfaces: the F— Face Interface and the B— Abdomen Interface.

These are complemented by two versatile modes:
Manual— For those who prefer hands-on control, the manual mode allows for personalized adjustments.
Auto— The automatic mode simplifies the treatment process, making it accessible to operators of all experience levels and ensuring a professional and precise treatment every time.

This dual-mode functionality ensures that whether the operator is an expert or new to the field, they can deliver specialized and accurate treatments with ease.

★ Multiple Treatment Heads

Disposable Insulated Crystal Heads to Minimize Irritation

Negative Pressure Sensors to Suction the Skin for Safety

10-Needle Crystal Tip: For hard-to-reach areas and linear stretch marks.

25-Needle Crystal Tip: Suitable for the face.

64-Needle Crystal Tip: Suitable for the body.

Nano Crystal Tip: For drug delivery and skin tightening.

Technical Strength

Four types of insulated probe heads:10 needle crystal head,25 needle crystal head,64 needle crystal head, and nano crystal head, catering to various needs.

Precise adjustment of depth and energy to ensure optimal treatment results. The depth of can be adjusted between 0.5 and 7mm, allowing for free adjustment of the needle depth and making it suitable for skin of any thickness.

Vacuum suction technology. Manual and automatic modes with a negative pressure sensor that tightens the skin before automatic needle release, ensuring high safety.

Needle body is 0.22mm, with a finer needle tip of 0.1mm; the insulated probe needle tip is energized at 0.3-0.5mm, while the needle body with insulation is non-energized, preventing skin pigmentation burns, virtually painless, and non-bleeding.


Safer, faster and longer-lasting.

1. No scab or hyperpigmentation, perfect results.

Gold microneedling uses uniquely designed insulated microneedles to avoid stimulating the epidermis. The needle tips directly reach the treatment depth to release energy without thermal damage to the epidermal tissue, resulting in no adverse reactions such as scabs or hyperpigmentation, and perfect outcomes.

2. Short treatment and recovery time.

Compared to the 3-5 sessions required for fractional laser treatments, radiofrequency microneedling may only require 1-3 sessions based on individual conditions.

3. Significant therapeutic effects with long-lasting results, maintaining a youthful appearance for years after treatment.

Precise targeting of different depths for various tissues, intelligent real-time impedance monitoring, and personalized settings for different symptoms such as wrinkles, laxity, acne, and scars, quickly restore the skin to a young and healthy state. The longer the time since treatment, the better the results, with a single treatment lasting up to 3-6 years.

Reference Parameters

Therapeutic SiteDepthSpeed
(energy output time) 
SuctionRF Size
Pox Pits1.0-2.0mm0.2-0.31-260-100W

Technical specifications

RF frequency2MHz-4Mhz
RF power10-200W
Needle cartridges10pin,25pin,64pin and nano needle
Needle Depth0.2-3.5mm(0.1 step)
Treatment Duration0.1-0.6s
Suction level2 level
Control Display8.4 inch color touch screen
VoltageAC 110V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Packing size53*45*35cm


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