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OL-3D P2000

808nm Diode laser hair removal system


hair removal machinelaser hair removal device



Function and Feather:

  • Permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation
  • Definitely pain free
  • No downtime

Working Theory of Diode Laser Hair Removal

laser tria hair removal

Why Choose OL-3d T2000?

  • Stand out Handpiece
Handpieces comparision with the counterparts of Soprano

laser handle of hair removal machine

body laser hair removal

Oriental-laser has focused on Soprano laser handpiece refurbishment since 2008, who has over 14 years experience. When old handpiece broken, we change the laser stack with a new one in old handle and also replace a new handle shell to finish the refurbishment process. Spot size option: 1.0 1.5 2.0 4.0, which is the same with soprano. 4cm² large spot: The newest titanium design, which is trio wavelegth for faster treatments and better patient experience. Facial tips: Easily treat tiny areas, including the ears, nostrils and glabella. It also can match the original Alma soprano handle head. Handpiece Lifetime 40 million shots.



IVY Technology of Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Factory Price

laser hair removal factory price


Micro Channel Bar of diode laser handle for hair removal machine

best at home ipl hair removal


Micro channel ensures uniform heat dissipation and a long lifetime of the laser bar. Only oriental laser and soprano handpieces use this cooling technology. Other competitors don’t have.

Sealed shell to protect the laser from dirt and condensation.


How about the temperature of the handle while having a hair removal treatment?


laser hair removal


Circle-designed Peltier cools the treatment head to keep the temperature to minus 5 degrees. Patients feel well throughout all treatment.


OL-3D  T2000

laser body hair removal


Treatment Effect of  Laser Hair Removal Machine with Triple Wavelength

before and after of laser hair removal


Customer’s Feedback of Laser Hair Removal for Sale

feedback of laser hair removal

The customer said the laser has no side effects to the skin.


As for laser hair removal, why choose us?

1.14 years experience in German packaging technology;

2. Diode laser source manufacturers save 20% of the cost;

3. CE, ISO, TUV SUD certification, with more than 30 patents;

4. Jenoptik bars from Germany, the lifetime increased by 300%;

  1. Strictly implement the 6S quality management system, the quality improved by 200%;

6.3 group technology R&D team, saving 30% time in research and development of new products;

7. Professional security alarm system.


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