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808nm/755nm/1064nm 600w/1600w sapphire portable diode laser hair removal machine device

Diode Laser Hair Removal 755 808 1064 Triple Wavelength Machine

IVYFLY MINI newly designed machine main body: 1. Ultra-thin 10.4-inch screen, showing the beauty of slimness 2. Newly upgraded interstellar roaming shape, and decorated with optical fiber colored lights. 3. External water tank with UV light sterilization. 4. External dual filter, Easy to maintain and low cost. 5. Modular design of the internal structure of the fuselage. Easy to maintain and low cost. 6. HR/FHR/SR three modes for hair removal, fast hair removal, and skin rejuvenation. 7. Accurate laser Fluence Calculation. Subtotal energy notice. Guaranteed hair removal effect. 8. Cooling system: Pelitier + 4 Fans air cooling 9. The main body of the machine warranty: 2 years Loading SuperICE series handle. 1. Spot size: 1.5 square centimeters or 2.0 square centimeters optional. The facial tip can be adapted to all spot heads. 2. SuperICE Handle with screen for showing treatment parameters 3. 10 bars 808nm Coherent USA bars. 40 million shots lifetime. 4. Ring-shaped Peltier cooling sheet is used for skin cooling of the treatment head on the Headpiece: -5°C to 5°C 5. Warranty of SPI handpiece: 1 year

Diode Laser Hair Removal 755 808 1064 Triple Wavelength Machine
Product Name
Laser Type:
Diode Laser
Type: Laser, Diode Laser
Diode Laser Hair Permanent removal
2 years


Why choose the US laser hair removal machine

1. Golden supplier with 15 years, Laser beauty machine manufacturers,
CE, ISO Certification
2. Professional manufacturer of aesthetic & medical laser machines 3.The unique independent diode laser chip packaging technology in
the world. 4.R&D and keep strict manufacturing management continuously. 5. we have a facility of 500 square feet of class 10K clean
room & class 1000 local clean zone (according to Federal Standards 209E).

IVYFLY MINI is a powerful and versatile treatment solution for a wide range of aesthetic needs. Equipped
with high-end refrigeration modules and luxurious styling elements, this multi-application platform offers a full spectrum of
technologies, applicators, tips, and treatment methods that achieve outstanding results. Make the Most of Your IVYFLY MINI Means
Better Results IVYFLY MINI is a multi-application platform that offers a wide range of combinations that can be tailored to each
patient’s needs, based on your professional knowledge and acquaintance with their individual needs and treatment responses.
Targeting an extensive variety of indications and with a synergetic selection of technologies and applicators, IVYFLY MINI lets
you combine different handles Super ICE/ IVYICE/ IVYYAG/ IVYNIR or IVYIPL to work for different treatments that maximize your
a beauty salon or clinic’s productivity.
A Full Spectrum of Solutions: IVYFLY MINI provides safe and effective treatments for a wide range of indications, including Hair Removal Tattoo Removal Skin Remodeling Tone & Texture Skin Rejuvenation Tightening & Lifting Dilute Pigments & Vascular

SPI handle X1 1000W 808nm wavelength macro channel diode laser handpiece

1. Diode: Coherent laser bar imported from the United stated. 10bars 1000W. 2 years warranty and 40millions shots expecting life time.
2. Wavelength: 808nm, the gold standard for hair removal.

Intelligent 10.4 inch Screen & Original Operating System
* Multiple language options and customization
(English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish)* Choose different modes according to skin color and body parts
(facial, leg, arm and bikini line, and armpit )

* The treatment process is time-controlled
(According to different body parts, there will be fixed energy and frequency)

* Choose different spot sizes to have corresponding energy
( Interface 45J/cm2 for spot 2.0cm2, test energy is exact 90J.


Computer control board for single handpiece

Self-developed control panel
1. Suitable for single hand tool hair removal machine and dual function machine of diode+YAG.
2. 3-16bar single bar50W/100W available.
3. It needs to be used with your own flow sensor and temperature sensor, screen and power supply.
4. When placing an order, the software program interface needs to be noted separately.
5. If the customer orders this type of control board separately, it needs to be delivered together with a hand tool counting

External UV water tank

Generally used for ivyfly and later styles. External UV light water tank, complete set, including water tank, two sets of water nozzles, and water tank interface plate.

Double Filters

MC-filter -Model C-PPMC-filter-Model C-DI

3 24V water pump kit

Combination of 3pcs 24v 9m water pumps in series, suitable for 6-10 bar laser handle

water radiator 280*120

The most cost-effective heat dissipation method, for SPI tools within 12bar, or Picolas or Novalas S series equipment, can choose this heat dissipation method, which is economical and affordable.

Fan, 220V with outer size 120*120mm

Fan, 24V with outer size 120*120mm
Using Effects


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