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Alma ice laser hand piece repair

With email or WhatsApp, you can send us pictures or videos to show me the problem with the Alma laser soprano xl/ice handpiece. When confirming the repair service, the repair process as:
A.Deliver the problem alma laser diode handle or 808nm laser diode stack
B.Our technician check the laser, and we will offer you a quotation for free service
C.You can confirm to repair the alma laser handle or laser diode head
D.We will change the damaged laser bar to new bars
E.We will send you a test report and video and also a picture of the new laser head or alma soprano laser handle after refurbishment
F.We will pack the good alma soprano laser head or laser handle and then deliver it to you

Alma Laser Repair & Refurbishment Services Process:
1.Provide the service information you need.
Firstly, you need to send the laser diode head to us, it can not send old diode, need to send to us the structure design of the diode and dimension details stack. We will repair the old diode or design a new stack to replace the old one.
2.we disassemble the diode stack and test the old laser stack. For the microchannel laser stack, Such as Alma laser, Lightsheer, Syneron. We will test each laser plate one by one to confirm whether there are anyone bars that still can work. If there have some good bars, the repairing charge will lower. For macro laser stack like most product made in China, we will test the whole laser stack together

3.We will mount diode bar to heat sink and assemble diode stack to old or structure in our cleaning lab Our bars and micro channel cooler are import from Germany manufacture. We strictly manage mounting, assembling and testing step during laser stack producing. Every stack will be fully tested and had 8 hours burning test.

4.The Fourth step:
Our experienced technician will reassemble the handle piece. Which include:
a. Install the new laser stack into the handle piece.
b. Clean lens and check the TEC and other parts inside the handle piece
c. Test the power output of whole handle piece.
d. Clean the cover shell of handle piece and package it.
5.We send the finished good diode laser stack or hand piece to your address


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