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ARC packaging diode laser stack

ARC packaging diode laser stack

We make the QCW laser into an arc, which is benificial to the lightweight design of the pump structure. Au-Sn packaging technology makes the laser have high reliability even in harsh working environment.

QCW diode laser module in arc heatsink

ARC packaging diode laser stack Feature:

  1. Wavelength: 808nm or up on requirements
  2. Output power: 500-4800w
  3. Operation mode: QCW
  4. Cooling: Actively cooled/ passively cooled
  5. Hard solder: Ausn package

ARC packaging diode laser stack Benefits:

  1. Efficient: High output power up into the 4800w
  2. Compack: Arc and lightweight design is easily integrated into pump module.
  3. Robust: Shock and vibration resistant.
  4. Reliable and high-quality: Ausn (Hard solder) mounting. Works even under the most demanding climatic conditions.
  5. Wavelength combination: beneficial for full temperature pumping design.

ARC packaging diode laser stack Application:

  1. High energy research; QCW pumping sources for solid-state lasers.
  2. Medical technology: Long-pulse operation, use in esthetics(epication) and dermatology
  3. Excitation light source for solid-state laser s in the 1320nm range for parenchyma surgery.
  4. Defense: Short-pulse operation, use as a pumping source, for lighting or in LIDAR systems.
  5. Industry: Excitation light source for solid-state and fiber lasers.

ARC packaging diode laser stack Secification:

Model ARCQCW-MA-100~500-N
Optical parameters    
Output power(w): QCW 100~500*N
Center Wavelength at 25℃:808
Number of bars in one stack: 1~20
Bar pitch (mm): 0.8~3
Center Wavelength Variation at 25℃(nm): ±3/±10
Typical Spectral Bandwidth (FWHM): <3
Divergence (degree) (FWHM): <39 ⊥ <10 ||
Polarization: TE
Wavelength shift (nm/℃): ~28
Electrical Parameters
Working mode: QCW
Maximum Duty Cycle (%): ≤2%
Pulse Length (us) : 50~1000
Frequency (Hz) : 1~1000
Operation current (A) : ≤100~500
Operating Voltage (V): ≤2*N
Typical Slope (W/A) : >1.1
Electro-optic Conversion Efficiency (%): >50
Thermal Parameters
Operation Temperature (℃) : -40~60
Storage Temperature (℃) : -50~85
Storage Humidity (%) : <70
Cooling: TEC/air cooling
Flow rate per bar (L/min): *


  1. CIRQCW-MA-100~500W laser stack which is mounted on an arc heatsink. The laser power of single bar is 100w, 200w, 300w and 500w.
  2. The wavelengths of each bar in a single device can be arranged and combined according to the heat dessipation conditions.
  3. The above parameters are measured at the heat sink temperature of 25℃.
  4. Heat sink structure can be customized according to customer’s special requirements.

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