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Beauty laser machine Arrival inspection Checklist

Machine inspection

beauty laser machine inspection checklist

When you get the oriental laser machine, please do as follows:

  1. Check the package box, if the box is good, then open the package. If the package with any damage, then reject the package from the express and delivery agent and contact with machine supplier.
  2. If the package box is in suitable mode, then open the package and take out the machine, First check the machine shell, if broken, contact with machine supplier. If OK, first connect the hair removal handle to the machine with the plug, then add purified water to the machine and make sure total water inside the machine, connect with the electric plug, and switch on the machine. Never insert electricity before adding water, otherwise all at your own risk.
  3. When switching on the machine, operate the machine screen software and work with the handle, to check screen can run smoothly and handle with laser output and also spot with cooling ability.
  4. If any problem, please take a video to show the machine supplier and ask for help, Without the supplier’s permission, do not open the machine shell and handle the shell and any other parts, otherwise all at your own risk.


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