Beauty industry shines as medical aesthetics gains in popularity

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  • China’s aesthetic medicine market growth rate is higher than that of the global market. Although the growth rate has slowed down lately, the relatively low market penetration still presents enormous room for future growth in the Chinese market.
  • Aesthetic medicine segmental consumer groups are dispersed across different dimensions, by means of the region, age, gender, consumption capacity, etc. Categories and products of consumption vary, of which non-surgical items are the most popular options due to their high consumer stickiness and strong consumer inertia to repurchase.




“Light” aesthetic medicine projects have become a favorite of consumers, enjoying high customer stickiness

Skin beauty, hair removal, and botox are the most popular products among consumers, far surpassing the popularity of any other products.

Skin beauty is undisputedly the most popular category of products. This is followed by hair removal, which boasts about 57% of the sales volume the former, then botox (with around 27%).

The sales volumes of the top three items are far greater than that of other product types. The top 10 products are mainly non-invasive “light” aesthetic medicine products, such as injections, which are relatively low risk and are therefore popular with consumers.

Non-surgical products are generally safer and less expensive and enjoy high consumer stickiness.

Non-surgical items are favored by consumers due to their relative safety and low average price. Such products generally do not require high levels of maintenance. They enjoy high consumer stickiness with strong re-purchase rates. Of all the products, photo rejuvenation boasts the highest re-purchase rate. Eye and nose plastic surgery is the most popular surgical product with high customer demand for restoration or improvement.

The increasing popularity of skin management and anti-aging management products such as hair removal, acne removal, photorejuvenation, picosecond lasers, thermage, etc

Photorejuvenation and thermage became the hottest search categories of the year. The most searched aesthetic medicine keywords on e-commerce platforms focused on hair removal, microfoam cleansers (xiaoqipao), thermage, and face-lift needles.” Thermage” and “photo rejuvenation” were the hottest search category.

There were clear differences in product demand among different age groups.
Consumers over 30 were keen other mage, while consumers under 30tended to prefer picosecond lasers and photorejuvenation. Consumers under 30 years old prefer entry-level optoelectronic medical cosmetic products, such as photorejuvenation, picosecond lasers. Consumers over 30 years old have increased demand for anti-aging products and have higher spending power. High-end anti-aging projects, such as thermage, have become a hot spot for consumption growth.
Demand for hair transplants has increased for all ages.


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