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808nm Triple Wavelength Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

✔ Stable high output power diode laser bars.

✔ Strong contact cooling system.

✔ laser energy acting hair stronger and better.

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IVYPLUS Titanium

Diode Laser Trio Hair Removal Price

✔ 15.4-inch big Color Touch LCD screen

✔ Cooling temperature -5~5 °C

✔ 755nm For Lighter color hair

✔ 808nm Almost all Hair Types

✔ 1064nm wavelength is better for dark hair



IVYPLUS 600+Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine for sale

✔ Vertical type machine, flake texture design
✔ Core laser bar Coherent, Jenoptik
✔ Micro-channel diode laser hair removal machine
✔ Professional diode Laser system


ICE Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

✔ Most effective light power

✔ Safe, effective and painless procedure

✔ Four pieces of adjustable treatment panels

✔ Easy to use, no need for professional personnel


2022 Popular 

Ice Titanium 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

✔ 4PCS of adjustable treatment panels

✔ Most suitable working wavelength

✔Faster and better result than LED machines

✔ More laser lamps than other hair regrowth machines

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Laser Hair Removal Machine Professional

Unwanted body hairs are common on the face, legs, chin, bikini line, and upper lip. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to remove the hairs permanently. Tweezing, shaving, waxing, or using creams don’t always help. Laser therapy is a long-term option. It destroys the hair follicles that cause hair growth. Besides that, this therapy is safe. It only targets coarse hair. Also, it leaves the surrounding area undamaged. Let’s learn more about the best laser hair removal professional equipment.

There are many lasers on the market today. As a result, it cannot be easy to choose the most effective laser hair removal machine. Whether you are a patient or a business person, it’s essential to know the type of laser that will give good results. Good machine subsequently guarantees top-notch services. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about professional hair laser machines. 

Types Of Laser Hair Removal Systems

Several hair removal systems are being utilized today to deliver effective hair reduction through laser and light-based therapy, all of which necessitate follow-up and maintenance treatments.

  • Ruby – This is the first functional laser that is widely used up to this day. Although the pain level is lower compared to other laser types, it only targets light pigment which makes it ideal for blonde or thin hair.
  • Alexandrite  – The Alexandrite laser is considered the fastest laser among all the laser types. The intended use is on fair to olive skin tones and it is more painful than the others.
  • Nd: Yag – A newer form of laser, neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd: Yag) utilizes a topical carbon solution that is applied on the skin to attract wavelengths spectrum, which is then absorbed by the hair follicles. This type of laser hair removal treatment is found to be effective and safe for darker skin.
  • Diode  – A diode laser emits single light energy that targets the melanin in the hair follicle. The melanin then absorbs the energy, thus inhibiting hair regrowth. This laser works on a wide range of Fitzpatrick skin types.
  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) – Intense pulsed light, is a light therapy used to treat a wide range of cosmetic concerns, such as hair removal, photorejuvenation, and acne removal. It works by penetrating the skin and targeting hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin. The unique characteristic of IPL is the ability to control the wavelength entering the skin, which makes both fair and dark hair good candidates for IPL hair removal.

Operation principle of diode laser

After an 808nm diode laser is applied to the skin, it is absorbed selectively by the melanin in the hair follicle and high heat will occur in the certain local area. The hair regeneration tissue in the hair follicle will have thermal necrosis due to the effect of thermal dissipation. In this way, the hairs lose their regeneration ability. Meanwhile, the normal skin tissue is not damaged. Thus, the purpose of hair removal is realized.















What Are The Side Effects Of Diode Laser Hair Removal? Does it hurt?

The patient may experience erythema, swelling, skin discoloration, and scarring which may be prevented with proper aftercare. Hair loss may also occur. Very rarely, some patients may develop urticaria. Because the procedure utilizes a sapphire cooling tip, it reduces the heat sensation, resulting in relatively painless treatments.

How Many Diode Laser Hair Removal Treatments are Needed?

Typically, eight sessions at an interval of four weeks are recommended for significant hair reduction.

– How Long Do Diode Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

The initial results of laser sessions usually last for about two to eight weeks, but it all depends on how fast the hair grows. After completing the treatment regimen, hair may appear thinner and lighter relative to the baseline. It also grows less densely and frequently. One to two sessions of yearly maintenance or touch-ups are recommended thereafter.

– Can You Have Diode Laser Hair Removal After Botox?

Ideally, diode laser hair removal should be done prior to botox or patients need to wait for a month.

– Diode Laser Hair Removal Recovery Time

Diode laser treatment has minimal downtime. The patient may expect little to no side effects in a day or two. Applying a cold compress may be beneficial if patients experience sunburnt skin.




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