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Conductivity Cooled Diode Lasers

Conductivity Cooled diode lasers are widely used in solid-state pumped lasers. In view of the development trend of light weight and miniaturization of conduction cooling modules, Oriental-laser has designed ARC series arc laser arrays, MZ series area array laser arrays, CIR series ring laser arrays and other structures to meet the customer needs. These diode lasers have the characteristics of compact structure, flexible collocation and high reliability. Single bar peak power is optional from 100W, 200W, 300W, 500W. A single laser peak power can reach 30,000W, and single-wavelength and multiple-wavelength combinations are optional. Our Laser bar is gold tin packaging with high reliability.

Conduction Cooling Diode Lasers
Diode Laser SN Working Mode Single Bar Peak Power(W) Max duty cycle(%) Bar Numbers Bar Pitch (MM) Wavelength(NM@25°C)
CIR Series CW 40/60/80/100 / 1--48 ¹ 0.43-5 760/808/9xx²
QCW 100/200/300/500

Product List

Model Working mode Peak Power (W) Number of bars Operating Current(A) Cooling Method Drawing Number
CIR-C-700-7-100E-01 QCW 700 7 100 Conductivity cooled 环形-7bar激光器(一般客户图)-01(A)
ARC-C-1000-5-200E-ZBH01 QCW 1000 5 200 Conductivity cooled 1000W-5bar激光器(一般客户图)-01 (A)
ARC-C-1200-6-200E-ZBH02 QCW 1200 6 200 Conductivity cooled 1200W-6bar激光器(一般客户图)-01(A)
ARC-C-1600-8-200-XBH02 QCW 1600 8 200 Conductivity cooled 1600W-8bar激光器(一般客户图)-01(A)
ARC-C-3000-30-100-XBH03 QCW 3000 30 100 Conductivity cooled 多波弧形激光器(一般客户图)-01
MZ-C-500-5-100E-G-stack0.43 QCW 500 5 100 Conductivity cooled G-stack-5bar激光器(一般客户图)-01(A)
MZ-C-1600-8-200E-MZ1.13 QCW 1600 8 200 Conductivity cooled 面阵激光器-P1.13-8bar(一般客户图)-01(A)
MZ-C-3000-30-100H-MZ01 QCW 3000 30 100 Conductivity cooled MINI面阵激光器-P0.73-3000W(一般客户图)-01(A)
MZ-C-3200-32-100E-MZ03 QCW 3200 32 200 Conductivity cooled 3200风冷面阵-(一般客户图)-01(A)
MZ-C-4000-40-100E-MZ02 QCW 4000 40 100 Conductivity cooled 4000W混合面阵激光器(一般客户图)-01(A)


Model                     ARC/CIR/MZ/CS-C/W-N*100~500-N-100~500
Single bar peak power(W)QCW:100/200/300/500 CW:40
Single laser device peak power(W)                500~30000
Typical wavelength(nm)808/9xx²
Bar quantity ( N)1~150 ¹
Bar pitch(mm)                  0.43~3
Center wavelength deviation(nm)              ±3/±10
Spectral width (nm)(FWHM)              <3
beam divergence(°)(FWHM)     <39⊥<10‖
Polarization modeTE
Wavelength drift coefficient (nm/℃)~0.28
Operating mode CW/QCW
Maximum duty cycle (%)≦2%
Pulse Width (us)50~250
Repeat frequency (Hz)1~400
Working Current(A)                 ≦100~500
Working Voltage(V)≦2*N
Slope efficiency (W/A)>1.1
Electra-optic conversion efficiency (%)>50
Thermal parameters 
Working temperature range (℃)-40~60
Storage temperature range(℃)              -50~85
Storage Humidity Range (%)<70


Efficient: arc-shaped and ring-shaped structure design, with a bar pitch as low as 0.43mm, when matched with the design of the pump module, the power density and pump efficiency are greatly improved.

Lightweight: flexible unit, effectively saving space and conducive to lightweight design.

High reliability: gold tin package, suitable for harsh high and low temperature working environment.

Full-temperature adaption: different wavelengths can be combined according to design requirements.

Model Naming Rules
1       2   3      4      5    6
1.Diode laser series code. ARC refers to arc-shape, CIR refers to ring-shape, MZ refers to area array.
2.Cooling way. C refers to conduction cooling, W refers to water cooling.
3.Total peak power
4.Bar Quantity
5.Single bar peak power
6.Structure code

Product Advantages

Our core products are diode lasers and diode side-pumped gain modules. Over the years, we have been committed to continuously optimizing the gain module manufacturing technology from various perspectives such as module structure design, heat dissipation process, packaging process, array arrangement, etc., to provide stable, reliable and excellent performance side pump modules for many customers. Gain modules are divided into continuous CW modules and pulsed QCW modules. Among them, QCW module also includes conduction cooling module and water-cooling module.

GN series continuous working module power is optional from 35W-450W;
The maximum energy storage of GQ and JQ series pulse modules can reach 8J;
The crystal diameter is optional from 2mm-25mm, and the conventional crystal material is ND: YAG; other crystal diameters or materials can be customized also.

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