Brief Introduction for 360 Degree Slimming Machine

360 degree cryolipolysis fat freezing machine is a professional advanced design for beauty spas, clinics, and at-home use. The machine 360-degree applicators are designed with interchangeable contours to adapt to the whole body fat freezing treatment. 360° fat freeze is the latest generation of fat freezing technology for advanced non-invasive fat reduction and body cool sculpting with minimal to no downtime. It is also popularly known as cryolipolysis or cool sculpting.
Compared to previous generation 2-sided cooling fat freeze machines, 360 surround freezing allows more fat cells per treatment to be targeted, boosting treatment efficacy, with up to 28% fat reduction in 1 session!
To ensure safe and effective stubborn fat removal. 360° Surround cryo plates only work on fat deposits for crystallization. The professional cryoplipolysis machine PL-A360 will not destroy the surrounding tissues or nerve areas. COOLSCULPTING technology safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin.

Cryolipolysis Body Slimming Machine Working Theory

Cryolipolysis is a proven procedure to reduce fatty cells by using the Integrated Technology of cryo, vacuum, and IR(infrared light). Its principle relies on controlled cooling for the non-invasive local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours. The exposure of cooling is set so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin.

The system is a non-invasive cryo-cooling treatment and the combined treatment of Cryo and Vacuum performs effectively removes localized fat and promotes fat metabolism.

360 Degree Cryolipolysis Body Slimming Advantage

—-There are two choices of Language on display, Spanish and English

—-Cooling system fat freezing equipment, temperature range: -10°C-5°C, up to 100Kpa, time to 30-90 min

—-More advanced than reduction, no side effects, obvious effects, no recovery time

—-Fat freezing, more professional, is the latest advanced cooling technique in the world which you can get the best results. It aims to target different tissues to achieve high operation efficiency, Low energy output so that it can ensure a comfortable and painless operation training

—-Good effect: Cool slimming treatment will make you feel comfortable, you can see obvious effect will be shown after 1-2 courses of operation, it is incredible and will last for 3-5 years.

—-Extensive operation: It is suitable for everybody’s sagging skin

—-Short time: Shorter operation period, less steps

Detail about the Slimming Machine


Designed to target fat, the SMALL COOL applicator is the latest addition from PrettyLasers and is specifically designed to target upper arm fat. The SMALLCRYO works effectively on other small pockets of fatty tissue such as the back of thighs, arms, and knees, among others. The entire treatment takes about 35 minutes, which makes removing, fat easier than ever.

Treatment areas: Inner thighs, arms, and bra line, crus


The new cup design on the MEDIUMCOOL applicator is one of the most innovative and efficient ways to target fat. Bulging in the upper and vertical areas within the inner thighs can be frozen and reduced. The MEDIUMCOOL’s ability to reduce inner thigh fat makes this applicator especially appealing to patients wanting “thigh gaps.” Additionally, MEDIUMCOOL reduces treatment time by nearly 50%! All done more comfortably and with less bruising than ever. PL-A360 comes with 2 MEDIUMCOOL applicators. And Its 4 contours are securely fastened to the MEDIUMCOOL applicator quickly, very convenient for different treatment areas.

Treatment areas: Abdomen, flanks, love handles, banana rolls, and bra line


Stubborn fat in the abdomen areas, waist, and back met its match with the LARGECOOL applicator. It is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to reduce unwanted fat from the stomach region. In addition, the LARGECOOL contours the abdomen to define musculature, sculpting the ideal abs. The applicator’s propensity for shaping the abdomen area is unequaled. It’s part of why the LARGECOOL is used by almost all Cool Sculpting patients.

It is one of the largest applicators available since it is designed for larger treatment areas. With a new and improved Max applicator, fat can be frozen in about 45 minutes. No problem for removing excess blubber fat from the chest (ideal for reducing moobs, or man boobs,) hips,  and arms. The LARGECOOL renders maximal fat reduction results.

Treatment areas: Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, belly, back and love handles

MINI COOL for double chin and knees treatment

The MINICOOL may be the smallest applicator on the line, but it still works efficiently. The small size is ideal for targeting and reaching areas such as double chin fat. The MiniCool renders one of the best non-surgical results when it comes to fat reduction for double chins. In addition to the fat removal, the MiniCool was recently cleared by the FDA to improve the appearance of skin laxity in the neck and chin area, offering a double solution for a double chin.

Treatment areas: Under the chin, arm, and above the knee





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