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Crystal Metallization & Welding Services

Crystal welding refers to the welding and fixing of the working substance to the corresponding heat sink in the laser with a special process, which is intended to replace the traditional mechanical crimping method, in order to improve the heat dissipation effect of the working substance and reduce the crystal thermal lensing effect, so as to solve the problems of light and light conversion efficiency and spot quality. Oriental-laser provides welding services between laser working substances represented by YAG, YAP, YLF, LN, etc. and heat sink materials such as aluminum, copper, titanium alloy

Product Advantages

Our core products are diode lasers and diode side-pumped gain modules. Over the years, we have been committed to continuously optimizing the gain module manufacturing technology from various perspectives such as module structure design, heat dissipation process, packaging process, array arrangement, etc., to provide stable, reliable and excellent performance side pump modules for many customers. Gain modules are divided into continuous CW modules and pulsed QCW modules. Among them, QCW module also includes conduction cooling module and water-cooling module.

GN series continuous working module power is optional from 35W-450W;
The maximum energy storage of GQ and JQ series pulse modules can reach 8J;
The crystal diameter is optional from 2mm-25mm, and the conventional crystal material is ND: YAG; other crystal diameters or materials can be customized also.

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