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CW/QCW Laser Power Supply

LDD Series QCW Power Supply

LDD series laser power supply is a diode laser driver with high reliability, high precision, flexible use and wide range of application, which can be customized synchronous modulation and supporting refrigeration drive, and is widely used in a variety of laser systems.

Output current 0-500A
Output voltage 0-400V
Frequency 1Hz-1000Hz Continuously adjustable
Pulse width 50us-300us
Trigger method Internal trigger, external trigger
Control method Local and remote(RS-232)
Input electric AC220V/50Hz or AC380V/50Hz
Overall dimension 480×580×132mm
Typical model (For more models, please consult a sales engineer) LDD-C100A10OVEU 100A/100V/2500W
LDD-C250A250VDU 250A/250V/2000W
LDD-C500A150VCU 500A/150V/150OW

High Power Laser Diode Drivers Features

◆ It adopts 16-bit high-precision core micro controller control, high precision, convenient interface, programmable control for various parameters;
◆ High-power, high-back voltage output module, suspended working mode, strong load adaptability, high stability and reliability;
◆ With over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and short circuit protection;
◆ Special electromagnetic compatibility design, strong anti-interference ability;
◆ The control adopts RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 interface, CAN bus interface and Ethernet interface, which is convenient for connection and strong operability;
◆ With panel, host computer software control and a variety of operation modes;
◆ With internal and external trigger mode, both can be triggered;
◆ Aluminum profile brushed panel, aluminum light touch button, beautiful shape and reliable operation, four-line 20-character LCD display, various parameters are directly displayed, intuitive and convenient;

GN series CW Diode Laser Power Supply

Power supply model Max Voltage(V) Max Current(A) Match GN series module models
GN520-24-22 24 22 GN35,GN50-H,GN75-H
GN720-24-30 24 30 GN50-E,GN75-E
GN1200-40-30 40 30 GN100, GN150
GN2100-70-30 70 30 GN200,GN300
GN2700-90-30 90 30 GN400
GN3000-100-30 100 30 GN450
GN2700E-90-30 90 30 GN400,
GN3000E-100-30 100 30 GN450

Note:CW diode laser power supply model named: Power-Max Voltage-Max Current, GN2700E and GN3000E has RS232 Digital signal interface.

Product Advantages

Our core products are diode lasers and diode side-pumped gain modules. Over the years, we have been committed to continuously optimizing the gain module manufacturing technology from various perspectives such as module structure design, heat dissipation process, packaging process, array arrangement, etc., to provide stable, reliable and excellent performance side pump modules for many customers. Gain modules are divided into continuous CW modules and pulsed QCW modules. Among them, QCW module also includes conduction cooling module and water-cooling module.

GN series continuous working module power is optional from 35W-450W;
The maximum energy storage of GQ and JQ series pulse modules can reach 8J;
The crystal diameter is optional from 2mm-25mm, and the conventional crystal material is ND: YAG; other crystal diameters or materials can be customized also.

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