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Depilation result and Postoperative care after SPI laser hair removal treatment

  1. Hair removal result: Instant reaction:

Obvious sensation of warm and redness on the skin.  It is better when it is mild heating.

Some parts may swell, edema may occur in hair follicles (such as hair line, armpit, BIKINI, lip hair and beards)

Later phase reaction:

The hairs are removed from hair follicles.

The hairs grows fewer , slowly and much thinner.

The hair color becomes lighter and lighter.

2. Postoperative care

After laser depilation, swimming, sauna and hot bath all are not suggested when the first treatment day.

Avoid ultraviolet shine after laser depilation,apply segregation frost and sunscreen cream to protect skin when go out.

Skin appear dry and itchy after laser depilation, suggest smear some skincare cream.

Don’t eat excitant and photosensitive food.

It is normal that local hair follicles will be red after laser treatment.

Eat more vitamin C fruit after laser depilation.

3. Not suitable for these conditions:

Not for the disease of keloid and photosensitivity.

Not for skin infection or herpes.

Not for the person who applied other hair removal treatments within 6 weeks.

Not for the person who is sensitive to hydroquinone drugs or other bleaching agent.

Not for pregnant women and patient with malignant tumor.

Not for person who has heart disease or hypertension.

Not for person who used isotretinoin within 6 months.



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