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Diode Laser Modules


Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Modules

The RBA CW pumped Nd:YAG laser module is an ideal building block in the development or production of medium power rod laser systems, the conversion of existing lamp-based laser designs to diode-pumping, or retrofit of existing arc lamp hardware to provide more stable and reliable operation.

Oriental laser CW pumped RBAT laser module is the ideal building block for any DPSS Laser system.  Design flexibility allows for a variety rod lengths and diameters to be used in both resonator and amplifier designs.  CW output powers range from 10W to 100W.  With over a decade of experience and thousands of laser modules in the field, We are the trusted laser module supplier in the industry.

DPSS Nd:YAG Laser Modules

GN75-E or H-2X74C-CX-45-RBA

Gerneral Introduction

The heart of Oriental laser is its laser diode array and diode pump ND: YAG laser module manufacturing area. Over the years, Oriental-laser has continuously optimized the gain module manufacturing technology from various perspectives such as module structure design, packaging process, array arrangement, etc., to provide many customers with laser gain modules with excellent stability and reliability. The work mode of gain module are CW or QCW. The QCW module also includes a conduction cooling module and a water cooling module.
Product line:
GN series CW module maximum power is 650W.
QCW module has two series:
GQ series QCW module output energies range from 50mJ to <1J per pulse.
JQ series QCW module output energies range from 1J to <8J per pulse.
All laser module are available with rod sizes from 2 to 18mm in diameter, both CW and QCW pumped, and standard offerings of YAG and YLF . And also bigger laser power and rod size and material can be customized upon request.


Typical uses are laser amplifiers for nanosecond and picosecond MOPA lasers, gain modules for unstable oscillator resonators, CW pumped, 532nm, ns q-switched lasers, and LIDAR lasers.

Laser Diode Modules Suppliers

What are Laser Diode Modules?
Laser Diode Modules (LD Modules) are complete packages with the laser diode, lensing, thermal management, and electrical interface all integrated into a compact OEM or plug & play style housing.


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