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This represents the world’s most advanced laser hair removal machine. In the field of epilators, you can only find this unique and innovative device. It has a unique wavelength of 808 nanometers which is considered an excellent standard for hair removal machines. It features a well-designed cooling technology (TEC) that guarantees a comfortable, safe, and effective treatment procedure.

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The technology of Alam 4d Laser Hair Removal

The laser technology developed by Active controls the pulse pattern, according to preselected clinical parameters such as skin color, selected treatment, photosensitivity, hair fiber average diameter, and hair density.

The treatment protocol and the pulses pattern take into consideration the TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time), which is the time it takes to disperse excessive heat from the tissue, the results of thousands of treatments done during the years, and the cumulative results of clinical research done in order to verify the findings.

Working for the Diode Laser Machine 

SPI 4D diode laser hair removal machine has medical CE and FDA certificate medical laser device. 808nm wavelength is the Gold standard for hair removal. This machine uses the selective absorption of light to achieve the purpose of hair removal. Because the hair follicles and hair shafts are rich in melanin, The light emitted by the 808nm laser of this machine uses melanin as the target, Melanin absorbs light with a wavelength of 808nm and converts it into heat energy. The temperature of the hair follicle tissue rises sharply, leading to the destruction of hair follicle stem cells, thus achieving the purpose of removing hair.

808nm diode laser is one of the main products of Beijing Oriental-Laser Technology Co., Ltd. with a Good Price. Our company is a professional supplier and manufacturer in China, Welcome to buy the best-customized system equipment and machines.











Advantages of the Best Price Laser Hair Removal

1. Stable high output power diode laser bars.

2. More than 10 million shots ensure a longer lifetime than other hair removal machines.

3. Strong contact cooling system laser hair removal machines.

4. Excellent treatment results can be expected at the first treatment and are suitable for all types of hair.

5. Safety: Normal skin tissue absorbs less 808NM laser light, and hair follicles absorb more melanin, ensuring that all energy is applied to hair follicles. At the same time, the skin tissue around the hair follicle is intact.

6. Comfort: The TEC constant temperature refrigeration system ensures that the sapphire light outlet is kept at a constant temperature of -5°C to achieve painless hair removal.

7. Curative effect: The high energy density output of the coherent imported laser ensures that the laser energy acting on the hair is stronger and the effect is better.


01 rational structure



The structure is designed for the separation of water and electricity, easy maintenance, and safe operation.

02 smart touch screen 15.6 inch



The screen AI intelligently monitors water flow, water temperature, refrigeration of hand tools, etc. With automatic monitoring and alarm, the machine will not appear other system damage caused by partial failure.

03 imported bellows



Imported bellows, good toughness, long life, Not easily deformed.


04 high power handle



Imported laser bar 1000W/1200w/1600W…Short pulse width, painless and fast hair removal Cost-effective & Good quality & Good effect.

Intelligent temperature monitoring system-temperature sensor position

A temperature sensor is installed in the handle, which can keep the temperature of the crystal

Between 5°C and -5°C to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment.

  • 1000W/1200W/1600W high power(OEM/ODM)
  • American coherent laser bar
  • 10 million shots warranty

Application for Personal Sites

1. Hair Removal, laser epilation, skin tightening;

2. Widely used for any color of hair;

3. Widely used for any skin type;

4. Remove Area: Lip Hair, Beard, Chest Hair, Armpit Hair, Back Hair, Arm Hair, Leg Hair, Unwanted Hair outside the Bikini Line.

The before and after

View Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pictures of Real Patients who had Hair Removal treatments. View Photos Now!

Our laser hair removal before and after pictures are segmented into light skin types and dark skin types. This is because they each have different needs and requirements when it comes to laser hair removal. Our clients use an Alexandrite laser to treat light skin types and the YAG laser to treat dark skin types.




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