Divide the Tens of Billions of Market Cakes, and the Prospect of Laser Medical Applications Continues to Improve



The CIOE China Optical Expo, which will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 7th to 9th, which especially set up “laser medical display site”. The exhibition plans to display the application of the newest laser technology or products in the field of medical territory.

With the improvement of living standards, the deepening of global aging and the prevalence of the beauty economy, people’s needs for beauty and anti-aging have become more and more indispensable. The continuous release of consumer demand for medical care and beauty has promoted the continuous growth of the medical and beauty market. According to relevant media reports, laser medical equipment, as an upstream product in the medical and beauty industry chain, will continue to benefit from the growth of the overall industry, and the market space is huge.

Coupled with consumers’ demands for the safety and stability of medical beauty projects, the development of laser medical equipment is on the rise. According to relevant reports, by 2022, the size of my country’s laser medical device market will exceed 30 billion. At present, laser medical equipment is most widely used in hospitals and private beauty hospitals. With the development trend of intelligent, miniaturized and environmentally friendly laser equipment, it will gradually be popularized as in-home treatment equipment in the future.

Display Range

laser therapy equipment, laser beauty equipment, laser health care physiotherapy equipment and equipment, lasers, laser chips, laser components and components.

Exhibition Highlights

Selected industry brand enterprises are strong and powerful to display the products of key enterprises in the industrial chain node, and assist enterprises to achieve the two goals of brand display and business docking;


Audiences from 83 countries and regions participated together, targeting audiences in application fields such as precision medicine and beauty;

During the same period, a variety of conference and forum activities will be held, and top industry leaders will gather, covering technology trend interpretation, industry seminars, application solutions, etc., to create a vane of laser medical innovation;

Multi-channel coverage online and offline throughout the year, increasing the application proportion of laser technology in medical beauty terminals;

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Source from CIOE


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