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DPSS Laser Repair & Refurbishment

Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Co., Ltd is able to provide lasers diodes repair and refurbishment services for various laser heads from different manufacturers all over the world. Our experienced engineers are able to repair different laser heads and provide after-sale services, including:

● Rofin’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads (Photo: Top-Left 1)
● LEE Laser’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads (Photo: Bottom-Left 1)
● FOBA’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads (Photo: Bottom-Left 1)
● Northrop Grumman (Cutting Edge Optronics, CEO Laser)’s laser heads, including RB, RE and other series (Bottom-Left 2).
● Almalaser soprano &ICE diode laser hair removal handle piece (Photo: Top-Right 2)
● Syneron elaser& elase diode laser hair removal handle piece (Photo: Bottom-Right 2)
● Jenoptik's laser diode stack (Photo: Top-Right 1)
● Delas's laser diode stack (Photo: Bottom-Right 1)
● Other DPSS laser heads from NEC and etc
Note: Nrothrop Grumman, Cutting Edge Optronics, CEO Laser, Rofin, FOBA, Han’s Laser, Jenoptik, Delas, NEC Almalasers, Soprano, SopranoICE, elaser, elase are trade marks which belong to the companies above.

Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Co., Ltd provides various services to both laser manufacturers and end users.
● Local Services with Fast Speed Usually regular laser heads can be repaired and returned within 3 days. It will reduce the cost for cutting down the product lines for the industry manufacturers.
● High Quality Diodes The repaired DPSS lasers will be equal or even better than original laser heads in performance, with powerful output power and excellent beam quality.
● Lower Cost Reduce the cost for laser system maintenance
● Long Time Warranty The repaired laser heads will be promised at least one year warranty.
● Flexible Customization for Special Laser Heads

DPSS Laser Repair & Refurbishment

Diode laser pumped ND:YAG module for Replacement

No.Model No.Module Part NumberOutput Power (W)Current(A)Voltage(V)Rod Size(MM)Center Height
1Lee100 24VGN100-E-3×100-Lee100-2410025<243*10044
2Lee100 24VGN100-E-4×100-Lee100-2410025<244*10044
3Lee100 48VGN100-E-4×110-Lee100-4810016<484*11044
4Lee150 36VGN150-E-4×110-Lee150-3615022<364*11044
5Lee150/200 48VGN150/200-E-4×100-Lee150-4815018<484*10044
6Rofin20DRofin20D原装外壳对应裸晶体2025<123*67 or 4*6761.33
7Rofin50DRofin50D原装外壳对应裸晶体5025<203*67 or 4*6761.33
8Rofin100DRofin100D原装外壳对应裸晶体10025<303*67 or 4*6761.33

Product Advantages

Our core products are diode lasers and diode side-pumped gain modules. Over the years, we have been committed to continuously optimizing the gain module manufacturing technology from various perspectives such as module structure design, heat dissipation process, packaging process, array arrangement, etc., to provide stable, reliable and excellent performance side pump modules for many customers. Gain modules are divided into continuous CW modules and pulsed QCW modules. Among them, QCW module also includes conduction cooling module and water-cooling module.

GN series continuous working module power is optional from 35W-450W;
The maximum energy storage of GQ and JQ series pulse modules can reach 8J;
The crystal diameter is optional from 2mm-25mm, and the conventional crystal material is ND: YAG; other crystal diameters or materials can be customized also.

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