Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Machine for Beauty Salon

Young woman tweezing her eyebrows in front of a small bathroom mirror.

Nothing is more picturesque than having precisely-shaped eyebrows, but the maintenance required to deal with it constantly can be too much to handle. Thankfully, laser hair removal treatments give you the option you’ve always wanted: perfectly shaped eyebrows with none of the maintenance.

Laser Hair Removal for Eyebrows

Yes, you can laser your brows! The most popular trend in this treatment is permanent uni-brow removal. Men and women are looking for quick and easy ways to permanently remove unwanted facial hair. With eyebrow laser hair removal you will never have to worry about your eyebrows “holding hands” ever again. Eyebrow laser hair removal is also a great way to remove some of those rough hairs that pop up above or below the brow line.

Now, because men and women have a strong demand for permanent laser hair removal eyebrows, we have developed a new IPL laser eyebrow removal machine. There are many precautions that the purchasing clinic or large beauty salon needs to know.

Why are Eyebrows so important?

It may seem strange that such a small patch of hair can make a major difference in a person’s appearance, but it’s a valid statement. Often, it’s the most subtle tweaks that can produce the greatest results. Think about the best eyebrows you’ve seen. They were likely natural looking, not too thick or thin, and separated by a very small patch of skin. Small tweaks to your current brows are all you need to reach eyebrow perfection. And all of that can be done in seconds with Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal.

Eye Protection for Eyebrow Laser

For one it is imperative that eye protection is worn at all times for your customers during the treatment as the laser light is extremely powerful without the necessary precautions and can cause damage to the eye.

The goggles provided should provide the wavelength-specific protection to suit whichever type of laser is being used. Different wavelengths are used on light and darker skin tones so ensure the right safety goggle is worn.

Does Eyebrow Shape with Lasers Hurt?

There is very little to no pain involved with laser hair procedures, whether it’s done on the eyebrow or any other part of the body. At most, your patients will feel a small stinging sensation similar to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. This is caused by the quick pulses and the feeling of the heat being absorbed into the hair follicles.

How many Sessions do you Need for the Eyebrows?

For permanent hair reduction results, it is recommended to have anywhere from 6-8 treatments, although the exact number of sessions you need will depend on your patient’s hair color, hair density, hormones, whether your patients are men or women, and other factors personal to you.

Our Products

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OL-S4 Duet Double handle IPL + YAG Handle System Three Functions


Working Theory

We love talking laser science. Eyebrow laser hair removal uses fast laser light pulses to selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting their melanin (color). The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the laser’s light pulse, which damages the follicle enough to significantly slow hair regrowth. How is it permanent? Our lasers travel deeper into your skin to destroy both the hair bulb & stem cells, so that unlike with waxing or shaving, the hair doesn’t grow back.

Understanding Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Technologies

The key principle behind laser hair removal is matching specific wavelengths of light and pulse duration to a specific target, namely the melanin in a hair follicle whilst avoiding the surrounding tissue area.

Melanin is the naturally occurring pigment in our skin and hair associated with color.

· The first portable eyebrow hair removal features

  1. Most effective light power.
  2. Safe, effective, and painless procedure.
  3. Four pieces of adjustable treatment panels.
  4. Easy to use, no need for professional personnel.
  5. No heating effect, no damage to the skin, and no negative side effects.

· The second eyebrow hair removal features

  1. Patented unique technology of real on-time cooling for a safe and effective treatment.
  2. Patented ergonomically designed handle piece.
  3. Straight forward and user-friendly interface.
  4. TGA, FDA, and Medical CE approval for full coverage for both end users and distributors worldwide.

Most Effective Permanent Eyebrow Hair Removal

Eyebrow laser hair removal is permanent. The hair will not grow again after laser treatment. Laser epilation is effective for the whole body including the face, neck, arm, legs, and body. Laser hair removal also works for fine hair, but can not remove white hair. Because there is no melanin in the white hair.

For clinics and beauty salons, our machines can provide comfortable non-invasion treatment and ensure your patient’s safety. Then you can consider the problem of profitability. According to our investigation, the cost of eyebrow removal treatment in the beauty salon varies at a time, and a treatment course is a lot of income. Buying our machine can return the cost in at least two months, helping your beauty salon to obtain a steady stream of income.



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