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Focuslight diode stack 808 810 repair service FL laser stack from 3 to 10 bars laser stack maintain service

    1. Instruction

3.DescriptionThis diode stack is Focus Light 3 to 10 bars diode stack.It is used for hair removal handle piece repairing and replacement.Oriental-laser focused on diode laser bar assembling for more than 16 years and we have seen various diode laser stacks.Also we can use the same Jenoptik bar like Oriental used to recondition the power the laser power.(1)Features
>Diode laser bar from Jenoptik
>Micro channel cooler Germany imported >lifetime: over 10000 hours(2)Advantages

1.Oriental-laser with more than 16 years diode laser bar mounting experience
2.Unique gold coating technology with high reliability and stability

3.Customized mechanical part size, dimensions,optional output power and wavelength
4.Refurbishment and repair service for any other diode laser brand ,Dilas etc.


Specially design for repairing  dilas handle or replacement of the same series handle

4. Steps for repair service

1). Please confirm your stack size with the drwaings above.

2). If the size are not the same, the following pictures are needed: different views of the stack, especially front view and bottom view pictures to confirm the bars number and water holes position.

3). Contact sales to get more details.

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