Germany Jenoptik Diode Laser Stack


Germany Jenoptik diode laser stack for hair removal machine handle 755 808 1064 repair service with good price

  1. Introduction

With years` development, Oriental laser has ushered in a new technological revolution. Different with traditional laser packaging, we encapsulate the entire laser in a housing. In this way, it can be dustproof and waterproof, also greatly prolongs the service life of the laser on the premise of ensuring the use power of the laser.

2. Specification

3. Description

>Diode laser bar from Jenoptik
>Micro channel cooler Germany imported >lifetime: over 10000 hours
>Special design for Alma diode laser machine


1.Oriental-laser with more than 16 years diode laser bar mounting experience
2.Unique gold coating technology with high reliability and stability

3.Customized mechanical part size, dimensions,optional output power and wavelength
4.Refurbishment and repair service for any other diode laser brand ,Dilas etc.


Specially design for repairing alma XL handle or replacement of the same series handle

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5. Company Details

Oriental-laser(Beijing)Co.,Ltd is engaged in high power diode laser and diode pumped solid state laser module and system design for economic applications. Our products are now widely used in industry, medical, research and defense applications. Our solutions offer a competitive advantage in performance, reliability and efficiency. Oriental-laser(Beijing)Co.,Ltd has a facility of 10,000 square feet of class 10K clean room & class 1000 local clean zone (according to Federal Standards 209E). oriental-laser has full production lines of high power laser diode, DPSS laser module, diode laser hair removal machine, laser marking equipment and etc.

6.Contact details 


Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp&Wechat: 86-13436819798


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