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QCW Water Cooled DPSS Laser Module

GQ&JQ series

GQ and JQ series is QCW diode laser side-pumped solid-state laser module.

  • GQ series QCW water-cooled module output energies range from 50mJ to <1J per pulse.
  • JQ series QCW water cooled module output energies range from 1J to <4J per pulse.

The pump laser power is from 900-40kw with water cooling. The maximum duty circle is up to 12.5%, and rod sizes are from 2 to 15mm in diameter.  Both CW and QCW pump laser module standard offer of

YAG and YLF material. Other pump laser power,  rod size, duty circle, and material can be customized upon request.

Typical uses of QCW laser modules are laser amplifiers for a nanosecond and picosecond MOPA lasers, gain modules for unstable oscillator resonators, CW pumped, 532nm, ns q-switched lasers, and LIDAR lasers.

Module model

Peak power of pump laser(808nm)


Operating current(A) voltage(V) Max. duty cycle Rod size Drawing


water cooling diode module
GQ-900-W-9-100-H33-3×67 900W 100 <18 12.50% 3*67 GQ-900-W-9-100-H33-3×67
GQ-1200-W-12-100-H34-3×78 1200W 100 <24 12.50% 3*78 GQ-1200-W-12-100-H34-3×78
GQ-1200-W-12-100-H34-4×78 1200W 100 <24 12.50% 4*78 GQ-1200-W-12-100-H34-4×78
GQ-2000-W-20-100-H54-4*88 2000W 100 <40 12.50% 4*88 GQ-2000-W-20-100-H54-488
GQ-2000-W-20-100-H54-5*88 2000W 100 <40 12.50% 5*88 GQ-2000-W-20-100-H54-588
GQ-2500-W-25-100-H56-4*100 2000W 100 <50 12.50% 4*100 GQ-2500-W-25-100-H56-4100
GQ-3000-W-30-100-H56-5*112 3000W 100 <60 12.50% 5*112 GQ-3000-W-30-100-H56-5112
GQ-5000-W-50-100-H56-5*160 5000W 100 <100 12.50% 5*160 GQ-5000-W-50-100-H56-5160
GQ-6000-W-63-100-H79-7*148 6000W 100 <126 12.50% 7*148 GQ-6000-W-63-100-H79-714
GQ-15000-W-150-100-C1510-8*154 15000W 100 <300 5.00% 8*154 GQ-15000-W-150-100-C1510-8154
JQ-20000-W-200-100-C2010-10*154 20000W 100 <400 4.00% 10*154 JQ-20000-W-200-100-C2010-10154


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