HIFU Facelift Treatment Pros And Cons: Why Is It Getting Popular


7D HIFU machine is the latest technology for face lifting, wrinkle removal, and body sculpting. The technology is first developed as a product named Ultraformer III. 7D HIFU, use MMFU(Macro & Micro focused ultrasound) technology, and the transducer generates heat in the focus area.

7D HIFU machine focused on the depth of the skin 3mm (dermis layer) and 4.5mm (SMAS layer). It generates continuous micro-thermal coagulation and the coagulated tissue shrinks as the phenomenon Occurs. The reconstruction of collagen fibers will improve skin texture and lifting results.

HIFU Background

HIFU is known for being used for treating tumors, though has since been used for aesthetic purposes as of 2008. This treatment was then approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in 2009 for brow lifts. Then in 2014, the FDA approved HIFU to improve lines and wrinkles in the neckline and upper chest area.

A number of minor clinical trials have found that HIFU is almost certainly a safe and effective remedy for refining wrinkles and facial lifting. Those who have used HIFU treatment have seen positive results in as little as a few months after, absent the risks that come with facial lifting surgery.

In addition to the neck and upper chest, HIFU is also used for facial rejuvenation and body contouring, however, these are yet to have been approved by the FDA and are thus considered to be “off-label” uses of HIFU. Having said that, many people who have used HIFU for said “off-label” treatments have experienced positive results with a zero-recovery time—though more evidence will be needed before this promising treatment can be thoroughly approved.

An important thing to note is that High-intensity focused ultrasound is better suited to younger people (aged 30+) with less severe cases of sagging skin.

Which Areas Can Be Treated With HIFU 7D Facelift?

A HIFU 7D Non-Surgical Face Lift delivers exceptional results, treating the following areas:

              ⭐️ Forehead Wrinkles

⭐️ Frown Lines

⭐️ Brow Lift

⭐️ Crow’s Feet

⭐️ Fine Lines

⭐️ Smile Lines

⭐️ Sagging Skin

⭐️ Double Chin

⭐️ Neck Wrinkles


When you apply the 7D HIFU straightener to your skin, you get a very smooth finish with highly concentrated ultrasound energy. The HIFU machine uses ceramic plates which have been transformed into ultra-thin plates, just like in traditional iridology machines. But because they are ultra-thin they can pass through hair without harming them. This means that can also perform the micro-focused ultrasound treatment designed to give you a smoother look while locking in your natural moisture levels.

Other benefits include a tightening of the face and neck when the hair is lifted. In traditional straighteners, the plates lift your hair up which leaves your skin looking frizzy and full of sagging. The 7D HIFU machine enables the hair to be lifted from the root so it doesn’t leave unsightly creases and lumps. The tightening effect you get from this face lifting and tightening method is second to none.

The other benefit of the 7d HIFU machine for face lifting and body contouring is that you will improve blood circulation to the area. If you have sagging skin, the increased circulation will help your skin to look younger and more vibrant. A good machine like the one from HIFU will help reduce your wrinkles and lines and tighten the skin, so it looks firmer and smoother than before.


What to Expect?

HIFU treatment has no downtime; however, it may cause redness, mild inconvenience, and pain for a few seconds after the procedure. These impacts are brief and usually get settled immediately. Pain-relieving medicines or creams are applied in case of distress. Usually, the redness dies down within an hour after the treatment, even though the facial irritation could last a couple of days post-procedure.

This treatment will tighten the skin, lift the highlights, and improve the blood course. Some improvement will be noticeable quickly, and significantly more energy will unfold over the next few months.

As the week progress, the facial form shows a noticeable improvement in the objective regions, while the skin obtains a smooth, brilliant shine. Ideal outcomes are visible when this treatment is joined with other age control arrangements, like, Radio Frequency, Threads, Botox, and Fillers which all intend to fix and lift the skin.

How to Choose A HIFU Facelift Treatment

There are more cons associated with going under the knife than taking the non-invasive route.

This is why a lot of folks prefer the HIFU option.

Choosing the right HIFU facelift treatment in Singapore becomes the issue, given that there are a lot of fakes in the industry.

For industry or clinics, the 7D HIFU from our Oriental-laser Beijing is the more nice choice. Ready to start your skin-tightening journey or a road to making money, inquiry all kinds of questions about salons and beauty for oneself, we’d like to try our best to reply to you.



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