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High Power Lasers Diodes

We are focusing on the design, development, and production of high-power diode lasers, diode-pumped solid-state modules (DPSS Laser), and laser beauty equipment. After more than 10 years of industry precipitation, Oriental-laser has formed a mature flexible mass production platform for diode laser mounting, crystal welding, and customized module design, as well as a full-category laser beauty equipment product line. We have been rated as a national high-tech enterprise and have won related professional awards in the industry many times. With unique ARC-shape or Ring-shape diode laser processing technology and flexible production lines, we can provide customers with flexible customized solutions.

With an excellent R & D team, production team, strict production management and process control, etc., Oriental-laser has successfully provided product services and technical solutions with stable quality and competitive prices to beauty users and industrial applications at home and abroad. Among them, there are domestic scientific research institutes and universities, North and South Weapons Group, China Power Group, Ministry of Aviation, Space, CSSC, etc., and other enterprises and institutions. In the future, we will continue to uphold the goal of “doing everything possible to win profits for customers” and strive to provide more enterprises with high-quality products and services.

Production Line

◆   QCW/ CW diode laser stacks and customization service

◆   JQ/ GQ series QCW conduction cooling DPSS module and customized service

◆   GN series CW water cooling DPSS module and customized service

◆   Crystal welding technical services

◆   Laser power supply

◆   Repair diode laser stacks and side pump modules

◆   Diode lasers for medical application


Product Advantages

Our core products are diode lasers and diode side-pumped gain modules. Over the years, we have been committed to continuously optimizing the gain module manufacturing technology from various perspectives such as module structure design, heat dissipation process, packaging process, array arrangement, etc., to provide stable, reliable, and excellent performance side pump modules for many customers. Gain modules are divided into continuous CW modules and pulsed QCW modules. Among them, the QCW module also includes a conduction cooling module and a water-cooling module.

GN series continuous working module power is optional from 35W-450W;

The maximum energy storage of GQ and JQ series pulse modules can reach 8J;

The crystal diameter is optional from 2 25 mm, and the conventional crystal material is ND: YAG; other crystal diameters or materials can be customized.

Featured Solution

◆ Featured Customization: Flexible customization of lasers or side pump modules with various special package sizes, power, and other parameters to meet customer design needs.

◆ Quick Response: After more than 10 years of industry precipitation, our professional team has realized a flexible production line and greatly shortened the customization cycle.

◆ Excellent Quality: We strictly screen important raw materials like chips and pay attention to quality control. Over the years, the industry has unanimously recognized our products’ reliability and stability.

◆ Cost-effective: Oriental-Laser implements accurate cost accounting and pricing methods, and we are committed to providing customers with cost-effective products and services.

Conduction-cooling diode lasers are widely used in solid-state pumped lasers. In view of the development trend of lightweight and miniaturization of conduction cooling modules. Oriental-laser has designed ARC series arc laser arrays, MZ series area array laser arrays, CIR series ring laser arrays, and other structures to meet customer needs. These diode lasers have the characteristics of compact structure, flexible collocation, and high reliability. Single bar peak power is optional from 100W, 200W, 300W, 500W. A single laser peak power can reach 30,000W, and single-wavelength and multiple-wavelength combinations are optional. Our Laser bar is gold tin packaging with high reliability.

Model ARC/CIR/MZ/CS-C/W-N*100~500-N-100~500
Single bar peak power(W) QCW:100/200/300/500 CW:40
Single laser device peak power(W) 500~30000
Typical wavelength(nm) 808/9xx²
Bar quantity ( N) 1~150 ¹
Bar pitch(mm) 0.43~3
Center wavelength deviation(nm) ±3/±10
Spectral width (nm)(FWHM) <3
beam divergence(°)(FWHM) <39⊥<10‖
Polarization mode TE
Wavelength drift coefficient (nm/℃) ~0.28
Operating mode CW/QCW
Maximum duty cycle (%) ≦2%
Pulse Width (us) 50~250
Repeat frequency (Hz) 1~400
Working Current(A) ≦100~500
Working Voltage(V) ≦2*N
Slope efficiency (W/A) >1.1
Electra-optic conversion efficiency (%) >50
Thermal parameters
Working temperature range (℃) -40~60
Storage temperature range(℃) -50~85
Storage Humidity Range (%) <70

Note: 1. The number of bars each structure can carry varies depending on the structure.

  1. The wavelength parameter is the value at the working temperature of 25°C; all conduction cooling diode lasers can use a variety of wavelength combinations to meet the requirements for applications in all temperature regions; the default wavelength accuracy is±2nm, if you have more accuracy needs in wavelength, you can consult our sales engineer.


OL(S)Series Micro Channel Vertical Stack Laser

OL(S)Series micro-channel vertical stack laser has a unique airtight structure design with internal nitrogen perfusion, dust-proof, and moisture-proof, and it has better stability and life.

Diode Laser SN Working Mode Single Bar Peak Power(W) Max duty cycle(%) Bar Numbers Bar Pitch (MM) Wavelength(NM@25°C)
OL(S) Series CW 40/60/80/100 / 1–16 ¹ 1.8 760/808/9xx²
QCW 100/200/300/500 60³


HS Series Horizontal Line Array

HS series horizontal line array is to lay the bars horizontally on the water-passing heat sink to meet the needs of the pump structure. They are divided into two working modes: CW and QCW. The selection of hard solder and soft solder and the matching of various wavelength combinations can be realized according to the needs of use.

Diode Laser SN Working Mode Single Bar Peak Power(W) Max duty cycle(%) Sub mounts Single unit bar numbers Bar pitch (MM) Wavelength(NM@25°C)
HS Series CW 20/40 / 3-20¹ 1-5 0.43-1 760/808/9xx²
QCW 100/200/300/500 12.5³


CIR Series Ring Water Cooling Array

CIR series ring water cooling array distributes the bars annular on the inner circumference of the water-cooled annular heat sink. With a flexible bar pitch as low as 0.43mm, CIR greatly improves power density and pump efficiency when applied to pump module design. CIR series lasers are packaged in gold and tin and can be combined with various wavelengths to meet the requirements of full temperature design.

Diode Laser SN Working Mode Single Bar Peak Power(W) Max duty cycle(%) Bar Numbers Bar Pitch (MM) Wavelength(NM@25°C)
CIR Series CW 40/60/80/100 / 1–48 ¹ 0.43-5 760/808/9xx²
QCW 100/200/300/500



◆ Pumping

◆ Material processing

◆ Medical cosmetology


  1. If more bar combinations are required, custom designs are available
  2. On a single device, the wavelength can be single or a combination of multiple wavelengths; the wavelength accuracy range is±2nm by default, and more requirements can be customized.
  3. The maximum duty cycle here refers to the maximum duty cycle that can be tolerated when the device package of the corresponding series is 100W QCW bar, the pulse width is 250us, and the driving current is 100A. Bars of other specifications or under other conditions of application Please consult technical personnel for duty cycle tolerance.

GQ/JQ Series QCW DPSS Gain Modules are divided into water cooling and conduction cooling and are widely used in laser amplifiers, laser resonators, medical beauty and laser radar. Oriental-laser has gained rich experience in diode laser module customization, with quite a lot of cases and practical experience in the past ten years, and won the trust of many customers. The performance characteristics of these series are as follows:

◆ The maximum energy storage can reach 8J;

◆ The crystal diameter is optional from 2 25 mm, and the conventional crystal material is ND: YAG; other crystal diameters or materials can be customized;

◆ The central wavelength of pumping light is 808nm or other multiple wavelengths can be combined


Conduction Cooling QCW DPSS Module

Diode Module SN Pumping Peak Power(W) Rated Current(A) Voltage(V) Max Duty Circle Nd: Yag Rod
GQ-1000-C-10-100E-2A5-6*43 1000 100 <20 2.00% 6*43
GQ-2000-C-10-200E-2A5-6*43 2000 200 <20 2.00% 6*43
GQ-1000-C-10-100E-2C5-3*45 1000 100 <20 2.00% 3*45
GQ-1200-C-12-100E-H34-4*39 1200 100 <20 2.00% 4*39
GQ-2000-C-10-200E-2C5-3*45 1000 200 <20 1.00% 3*45
GQ-2400-C-24-100E-4A6-2*4*25 2400 100 <48 2.00% 2pcs 4*25
GQ-4800-C-24-200E-4A6-2*4*25 4800 200 <48 1.00% 2pcs 4*25
GQ-5600-C-56-100E-ACM-4*76 5600 100 <112 1.00% 4*76
GQ-11200-C-56-200E-ACM-4*76 11200 200 <112 0.50% 4*76

Module Naming Rules: GQ1200W12100H343

1   2  3  4  5  6  7

  1. GQ series refers to a QCW module with an output of millijoules level of 1064nm wavelength in the static cavity, while JQ stands for a QCW module with a joule level of 1064nm wavelength output in a static cavity, both taking 250us as an example.
  2. Pumping light injects total peak power. 1200W total peak power injection in the example.
  3. Cooling way. C refers to conduction cooling, and W refers to water cooling.

4. Total bars quantity. 12 bars in the example.

5. Single bar peak power, there are 100W or 200W.

6. Module Structure. There are H array, A Arc design, and C ring design, Here H34 stands for line array three to four bars per array. 4A6 refers to 4 arcs and each arc with 6 bars.

  1. The size of the crystal. Diameter mm, or diameter mm*length mm

Water Cooling QCW DPSS Module

Diode Module SN Pump Peak Power(W) Rated Current(A) Voltage(V) Max Duty Circle Nd: Yag Rod
GQ-900-W-9-100-H33-3×67 900W 100 <18 12.50% 3*67
GQ-1200-W-12-100-H34-3×78 1200W 100 <24 12.50% 3*78
GQ-1200-W-12-100-H34-4×78 1200W 100 <24 12.50% 4*78
GQ-2000-W-20-100-H54-4*88 2000W 100 <40 12.50% 4*88
GQ-2000-W-20-100-H54-5*88 2000W 100 <40 12.50% 5*88
GQ-2500-W-25-100-H56-4*100 2000W 100 <50 12.50% 4*100
GQ-3000-W-30-100-H56-5*112 3000W 100 <60 12.50% 5*112
GQ-5000-W-50-100-H56-5*160 5000W 100 <100 12.50% 5*160
GQ-6000-W-63-100-H79-7*148 6000W 100 <126 12.50% 7*148
GQ-15000-W-150-100-C1510-8*154 15000W 100 <300 5.00% 8*154
JQ-20000-W-200-100-C2010-10*154 20000W 100 <400 4.00% 10*154

Crystal welding refers to the welding and fixing of the working substance to the corresponding heat sink in the laser with a special process, which is intended to replace the traditional mechanical crimping method, in order to improve the heat dissipation effect of the working substance and reduce the crystal thermal lensing effect, so as to solve the problems of light and light conversion efficiency and spot quality. Oriental-laser provides welding services between laser working substances represented by YAG, YAP, YLF, LN, etc., and heat sink materials such as aluminum, copper, and titanium alloy.


GN series CW side pump diode laser module is always the superior product of Oriental-laser, with stable performance, small power fluctuation, high efficiency, and other characteristics, output power from 35W-450W optional, widely used in scientific research, industrial processing, and other fields.

CW DPSS Gain Module

Diode Module SN Pumping Peak Power(W) Rated Current(A) Voltage(V) Nd: Yag Rod (mm) Central Height(mm)
GN35-H-2*67-CX-40 35w 22 <18 2*67 40
GN50-H-3*67-CX-40 50w 22 <18 3*67 40
GN50-H-4*67-CX-40 50w 22 <18 4*67 40
GN50-E-3*67-CX-40 50w 25 <18 4*67 40
GN75-H-3*78-CX-40 75W 22 <24 3*78 40
GN75-H-3*78-CX-45 75W 22 <24 3*78 45
GN75-H-2*67-CX-40 50w 22 <24 2*67 40
GN75-H-3*67-CX-40 75W 22 <24 3*67 40
GN75-E-3*78-CX-45 75W 25 <24 3*78 45
GN100-E-4*100-XX-50 100W 25 <30 4*100 50
GN100-E-5*76-XX-50 100W 25 <30 5*76 50
GN150-E-4*88-XG-50 150W 25 <40 4*88 50
GN150-H-3*110-CX-50 150W 22 <48 3*110 50
GN200-E-5*100-XX-50 200W 25 <50 5*100 50
GN200-E-4*100-CX-50 200W 25 <50 4*100 50
GN300-E-5*124-XB-40 300W 25 <70 5*124 40
GN300-E-5*124-XG-50 300W 25 <70 5*124 50
GN400-E-5*148-XG-50 400W 25 <90 5*148 50
GN450-E-5*160-XG-50 450W 25 <100 5*160 50

Module Naming Rules: GN35H2*67CX40

1   2  3   4  5″

  1. CW DPSS module rated power.GN series is a high-power side pump laser module series.
  2. Bar types. There is H and E.
  3. Rod size, unit MM.
  4. The water flow structure of the module.CX: Side rotation water quick plug. XX: Bottom rotation water quick coupling plug

XB: Bottom water board   XG: Bottom fixed water quick plug.

  1. Module central height, unit mm.


LDD Series QCW Power Supply

LDD series laser power supply is a diode laser driver with high reliability, high precision, flexible use, and a wide range of applications, which can be customized for synchronous modulation and supporting refrigeration drive, and is widely used in a variety of laser systems.


GN series CW Diode Laser Power Supply

Power supply model Max Voltage(V) Max Current(A) Match GN series module models
GN520-24-22 24 22 GN35,GN50-H,GN75-H
GN720-24-30 24 30 GN50-E,GN75-E
GN1200-40-30 40 30 GN100, GN150
GN2100-70-30 70 30 GN200,GN300
GN2700-90-30 90 30 GN400
GN3000-100-30 100 30 GN450
GN2700E-90-30 90 30 GN400,
GN3000E-100-30 100 30 GN450

Note: CW diode laser power supply model named: Power-Max Voltage-Max Current, GN2700E and GN3000E has RS232 Digital signal interface.



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