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Oriental laser

The heart of Oriental laser is its laser diode array and diode pump ND: YAG laser module manufacturing area. Oriental laser combines automated production and handling equipment with some of the most highly-skilled technicians in the world to produce laser diode arrays and DPSS laser modules, Which have earned an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.

Diode laser and DPSS product line supplies

Pump Diode Arrays


Diode Laser Stack


Diode Pump ND:YAG lLaser Module


Diode Laser Power Supply


Hot Products

DPSS Laser Modules

GN series CW module maximum power is 650W.

GQ series QCW water cooled module output energies range from 400mJ to >4J per pulse.

JQ series QCW conductivity cooled laser module is very compact and Compact and delicate with maximum pump power 25kw.



All the products is to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users for a number of applications, including:

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Shock Peening

Laser Range Finding

Diamond Cutting

All laser module are available with rod sizes from 2 to 15mm in diameter, both CW and QCW pumped, and standard offerings of YAG and YLF . And also bigger laser power and rod size and material can be customized upon request.

With the high reliability that is inherent with diode pumping. These lasers have become industry leaders in a number of applications which require 24/7/365 operation in harsh operating environments.

Typical uses are laser amplifiers for nanosecond and picosecond MOPA lasers, gain modules for unstable oscillator resonators, CW pumped, 532nm, ns q-switched lasers, and LIDAR lasers.


Oriental laser

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