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IVYFLY MINI SPI X1 1000W 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

IVYFLY MINI SPI X1+ 1000W 808nm three wavelength diode laser hair removal machine

IVYFLY MINI SPI X2 1200W 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

IVYFLY MINI SPI X2+ 1200W 808nm three wavelength diode laser hair removal machine

Portable 808 diode laser hair removal machine

IVYFLY MINI is the desktop version of IVYFLY, designed to cater to the current global pattern of slowing economic development. This non-routine, super value-preserving series offers an alternative to customers who would otherwise have to travel to Shandong or Guangdong, China to purchase low-priced, ineffective equipment that ultimately results in losses. Instead, our company has leveraged years of supply chain and technical control capabilities to reduce the profits of the entire supply chain while ensuring genuine materials.

By introducing this super-value equipment, we aim to serve customers who are still moving forward in a challenging market. Rather than settling for subpar equipment, customers can now purchase a real machine made by a reputable factory at the same price point.





Newly designed machine

Newly upgraded interstellar roaming shape, decorated with optical fiber-colored lights.

Ultra-thin 10.4-inch screen, showing the beauty of slimness



> External water tank with UV light sterilization.

> External dual filter, Easy to maintain and low cost.

> Cooling system: Pelitier + 4 Fans air cooling

> HR/FHR/SR has three modes for hair removal, fast hair removal, and skin rejuvenation.

> Accurate laser Fluence Calculation. Subtotal energy notice. Guaranteed hair removal effect.

> The main body of the machine warranty: 2 years


Loading SuperICE series handle.

Spot size: 1.5cm2 or 2.0cm2 optional. The facial tip can be adapted to all spot heads.

SuperICE Handle with screen for showing treatment parameters

808nm Coherent USA bars. 40 million shots lifetime.

Ring-shaped Peltier cooling sheet is used for skin cooling of the treatment head on Headpiece: -5°C to 5°C

Warranty of SPI handpiece: 1 year


Before and After Treatment





Power1000W (1200W, 1600W Optional)
Spot size2.0 spot size (1.0 1.5 4.0 Optional)
Wavelength808nm or 755+808+1064nm 3 in 1
Laser bar10 bars
Energy Density0~120J
Pulse Width0~400ms
Laser barsUSA coherent laser bar
System languageMultiple language options
Repetition Rate1~10Hz
Skin Cooling Temperature-5℃–5℃ by cooled Sapphire
LCD Screen15.6”
System Cooling MethodWater tank+ Air fans+ TEC+radiator+water pump+ compressor
Packing box40cm*70cm*58cm



Why are other companies cheaper?

What you pay, what you get.

1. We are the only company that installs expensive compressors on desktops. Other companies choose fan cooling. A slightly better company will choose TEC Refrigeration. Costs and effects are not comparable.

2. We have 3 power supplies. One power the handle, one power the control board, and one power the water pump. On the one hand, sufficient energy is provided for each component. On the other hand, even if any one of them is damaged, the other parts can still continue to work. Competitors have only one power supply. Aside from the difference in cost, if their power supply fails, the whole machine goes down.

3. Other companies have only one pump. We picked 3 or more. Because our laser heats up a lot, we need a powerful water pump for water circulation. It was also expensive. On the contrary, only in the case of insufficient heat, is there no need to worry about the problem of water circulation.

4. Our control panels have been developed and improved over the years. Even if the voltage in Syria is unstable, our control panel is unaffected.

5. Of course, this machine is our new design. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the external water tank and filter test our research and development technology and grasp of the internal structure. At the same time, the external water tank and filter are convenient for customers to replace the filter and add water at any time.

6. Finally, the laser we use is the laser bar of coherent. We can provide contracts to prove that we are really coherent. The cost of coherent is much different from that of the domestic bar.

First of all, we are a factory. So, our profit is not much. Second, those cheap machines often replace a lot of cheap parts by saving costs. What you pay, what you get. The life of the machine is different, and the treatment effect is different.


Refrigeration system module
Compressors imported from Hitachi, Japan provide 24-hour work. The special Freon air cooling system acts directly on the waterway, and the heat is dissipated from the Radiator. Different from other refrigeration systems. R134-a freon compressor is more professional.
Power supply system
Taiwan Meanwell’s power supply has become the best power supply in beauty machines. The voltage can be adjusted up and down according to the situation. Enhance the adaptability of the machine, and solve the problem of voltage instability at any time.
Control system
Self-developed brand. Each access hole has a name for easy connection guidance. The problem of unstable voltage in Syria can be tolerated.
Water circulatory system
A series of series-connected water pumps speed up the water circulation to reduce the water temperature.3*2 water pumps

How about the shipping capacity?

Both the complex and difficult Middle East and South America. We can provide DDP service. Of course, if you have the ability to clear customs yourself. We can do FOB.

How about after-sales service? Do you have a technical service center?

We have it in Italy. But for other countries. If there is a problem with the machine, we will immediately troubleshoot and send new parts through fedex.At the same time, we will provide you with online services and video support.





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