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IVY FLY SPI diode laser hair removal machine 

SPI is new Super Ice contact cooling technology, the spot can be iced and the skin can calm down after laser treatment. For hair removal treatment, the laser heats up the dermis to a temperature level that effectively damages the
hair follicles and prevents hair re-growth. For patients, after this heat up, cooling down skin is very important, SPI takes patients comfortable after effective treatment. SPI can effectively treat all different skin types from I to VI skin types. All of these people can get smooth skin after removing unwanted hair. With this feature, more people can get treatment, and more salons can serve more clients. Why it can treat so many skin types and be effective? Cause the machine is made with USA laser and also with triple wavelengths, 755, 808, and 1064nm, this high-quality laser confirms SPI offers powerful energy-based treatment and also a long and stable working lifetime. All body part hair can be removed, including small areas such as the face, upper lip, nose, ears, and forehead, that’s because of the facial tip. For big areas, such as arms, legs, back, and chest, our applicator has different spot sizes as 1.5 2.0 4.0.

Machine Advantages

1. New interface with accurate laser Fluence Calculation. Guaranteed hair removal effect.
2. Comprehensive and intelligent functions: Hair removal, Fast Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation
3. Real trio waves 755+808+1064nm, suitable for all skin types
4. R134-a Froen compressor cooling, 7*24hours continuous working5. An intelligent handle screen, which shows real-time data on the handle, is more effective and intelligent for hair removal
6. Newly upgraded interstellar roaming shape, and decorated with optical fiber colored lights.
7. External water tank and external dual filter, Easy to maintain
8. Loading SuperICE series handle. Spot size: 1.5cm2 or 2.0cm2 4.0cm2 optional. The facial tip can be adapted to all optical ports

The triple wavelength for different skin

  • 755nm is for white skin
  • 808nm is for yellow or brown skin
  • 1064nm is for black skin
  • Different wavelengths have different effects on different skins. Support 755+808, or 808+1064, or 755+1064.

Diode laser handle

  • Safety: No skin scald, no harm to the skin and sweat glands, no scar, no side-effect.
  • Quick: big spot size SPI 4.0, effective and quick treatment on the big treatment area
  • Permanent hair removal: remove all hair on all skin types, including tanned skin.
  • Temperature: ~5-5℃, reduce the pain and increase comfortable sense in treatment.

Cooling Effects of Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

  • Japan imported annular cooling tips as alma, speed cool SCT, cooling efficiency up 10 times than others.
  • Imported vacuum magnetron sputtering 2.0 laser guide to ensure no energy loss.
  • 4D Sapphire, light and energy transfer up to 98%.
  • Best counting board, ensure working well.

New design, more convenient to use

1. The external water tank is convenient for adding water at any time, reducing the trouble of disassembling the machine.

2. Semi-annual filters are easier to replace. Customers no longer bother to save the hassle.

3. Ultraviolet disinfection ensures cleaner water quality and directly prolongs the service life of the laser.

4. The temperature display is convenient for the operator to observe the working status of the water temperature at any time so that the user can use it more with ease.

15.6-inch colorful screen with 3 modes

The novel design is our determination to be more technological in the future.

HR mode, The model of a professional doctor needs to know the client’s skin condition, the exuberance of the hair, and the parameters of the treatment.

SHR mode, A mode specially designed for owners of beauty salons. In the absence of any treatment parameters, you can still rely on automated procedures to get the treatment parameters, time, and energy you want.

SHR STACK mode, Specialize in point-to-point hair removal for uneven or small areas. It is an effective way to fight the hair on the ears, nostrils, and chin.

Support for customizing pages and adding logos.

R134-a freon compressor cooling,7x24hours no stop working


DiodeCoherent laser bar imported from the United stated
Laser power1200W/1600W
working hours7×24 hours Continuous working
Energy density0 ~ 120J / cm2
Pulse width0- 400ms
Repetition rate1- 10Hz
Spot size1.5/2.0/4.0cm2.Facial tip
Spot Temperature-5 to 5 degrees Celsius
Interface languageAll Kinds of language
LCD screen15.6″
Machine coolingR134-a Froen compressor
Input VACAC 220V / 50-60Hz or AC 110V / 50-60Hz
WarrantyOne-year warranty (extended warranty service available)
Packing BoxDimensions 66 (L) x60 (W) x130 (H) cm
Packing WeightWeight 80kg

Medical CE approved Trio wavelength 755 808 1064nm 1000W diode laser hair removal device for salon clinic

Why choose us?

Credible beauty machine manufacturer and supplier
Our company is engaged in research, development, production, sales, and after-sale kinds of beauty equipment, For over 15 years golden member of Alibaba with Bureau Veritas and TUV certified, and over 15 years a golden member of Made in China with SGS authentication. Our products are certified by TUV Medical CE, ISO13485, TGA, ROHS, etc. We are top 1 in transaction level


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