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808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal System

IVYPLUS 600S is the most classic diode laser hair removal systems, which received tens of thousands of good rewards over the past ten years.




  • 17mm*10mm or 11mm*11mm spots size for optional.
  • The skin contact head of the handpiece is made of pure copper, which is conducive to better cooling the skin
  • Use two pieces of TEC to keep skin surface cooling at freezing point

  • Powerful energy density from 0-120J/cm2 per shots. 4-6 treatments for permenant hair removal
  • Face tip available for small area


  • HR mode: intelligent hair removal mode. only need to choose the skin type, gender and body area. then the smart system will suggest a proper treatment parameter automatically.
  • FHR mode: There are five pre-set treatment parameters, which are convenient to start treatment quickly
  • Skin rejuvenation mode: The skin rejuvenation treatment interface is divided into effective,standerd and soft grades. During treatment, you can choose according to the customer’s acceptance.

Stable operation and low maintenance cost

  • The cooling water circulation system of the whole machine uses a 600W Freon compressor to ensure that the machine can run stably for 7*24 hours.
  • The laser bar is made of USA. And also mounting with Micro channel cooler from Germany. Laser life expectancy is very long-lasting up to 50 million shots.


Items Details Suppllier/Character
Main Part
Diode Laser stack Micro channel laser same as alma soprano Germany
Diode laser Sealed package with Nitrogen filling Oriental-laser
Laser bar 100W per bar from Coherent Coherent, USA
Headpiece head 17mm*10mm or 11mm*11mm optional. Facial tip optional. Oriental-laser
Facial tip All spot size matched and also fitted with Original Soprano ice handpiece Oriental-laser
Headpiece connector The newest K- model easy installaltion connector, which is connect headpiece with machine body. China
Skin cooling head on headpiece
Sapphire Real sapphire with Excellent light transmittance and heat transfer.  Not quartz not glass. China
Peltier 2pcs Thermoelectric cooler keep skin temperature below  -5–0°C China
Water Cooling system
Freon Compressor Water cooling system for whole machine. use R134a Hitachi, Japan
Water pump 5pcs 40W pumps with 0.5MPA China taiwan province
PP filter 5um, For removing particals in water Oriental-laser
Exchange resin filter For Keeping water insulators Oriental-laser
Temperature controler For controling the compressor China taiwan province
Interface & Control system
Touch screen 10.4 inches Digital Real Color touch screen Dwin China
Control board Single chip Gigadevice
Pulse control Medical foot switch China
Water flow sensor For whole system cooling water China
Temperature sensor For whole system cooling water China
Power system
Power supply 1 1000W For handpiece Meanwell, China taiwan province
Power supply 2 300W for Water pump Meanwell, China taiwan province
Power supply 3 150W For control board and touch screen Meanwell, China taiwan province
Max Power density per shot 120J/cm2 /
Spot size 17mm*10mm or 11mm*11mm optional. Facial tip optional. /
Pulse width 10-500ms /
Pulse ferquency 1-10Hz /
Wavelength 808nm or 808+755+1064nm trio upon request /
Laser Power 600W /
Smart interface HR mode (with subtotal fuction) /
FHR Stack mode /
skin rejuvenation mode /
Input Electrical 200-240/100-110VAC, 50/60Hz or 100-110V upon request /
Machine Dimensions 52cm W * 52cm D*125cm H /
Machine Weight 78kg /
Box dimensions 70*64*132 /
Box Volume Weight 119kg /
Items Details Suppllier/Character


Q: Why choose us?
A: we are manufacture of beauty devices from 2008. In particular, we continue to focus on
 diode lasers and laser beauty equipment development and research. we can provide you high product quality and heart to heart services.
Q: How about your delivery?
A: DHL/ UPS/ TNT/ Fedex ,also accept air cargo,sea transportation, if you have your own agent in China,Pleasant send address.
Q: How about warranty?
A : We offer 1 years warranty about machine.
Q: What’s the delivery time ?
A: 3-7 working days after payments of the general laser machine , OEM need 15-30days to produce according to your order quantity.
Q: How about the package?
A: Strong and beautifull aluinium box with built-in foam ensure the safety of products during the shippment.
Q: Do you have timely technology supports?

A: We have the professional technical team ,all the problems will be respponse within 24 hours,solved within 72 hours.


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