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IVYPLUS Platinum A2

1200W 12 USA Bars Laser Hair Removal Machine

With an elegant two-tone metallic machine body, IVYPLUS Platinum A2 adopts newly upgraded 12 bars made of USA wafer, providing a long life expectancy of 40 millions shots. 1200W sufficient laser power and 808nm golden wavelength are chosen, in conjunction with 1.5cm2 and 2.0 cm2 spot sizes for option and the most advanced cooling system, to achieve an unmatched painless treatment for all skin and hair types.

Machine Advantages

  1. Newly upgraded 12 bars made of USA wafer, with a long life expectancy of 40 millions shots.
  2. 1200W sufficient laser power. With an actual maximum energy measures over 120J, the strong energy ensures a superior and faster treatment result: one leg only needs 5 minutes.
  3. We choose the 300W Freon R134a compressor imported from Japan to cool the whole machine 24 hours a day, fully ensuring the stable operation and prolonging the service life of the machine.
  4. The ring-shaped semiconductor peltier is used to cool the handle to keep the temperature of the skin contact head at -15 ℃to -5 ℃, shown by visible ice and the screen on handles, making the treatment painless and more comfortable.
  5. A wavelength of 808nm: the international golden standard tried and trusted by  worldwide beauty professionals.
  6. The Superice handpiece provides 1.5cm2 and 2.0 cm2 spot sizes for option which match well with facial tips, helping achieve a full-functional and precise treatment performance for all skin/ hair types and areas.
  7. 10.4 inch touch screen with smart program with energy counter function, providing 3 optional modes: HR(hair removal for experienced operator), SHR(super hair removal for beginner), SR(skin rejuvenation)
  8. A full 2-year warranty.

Product Specifications

ModelIVYPLUS Platinum A2
Diodenewly upgraded 12 bars made of USA wafer
Life Expectancy40 millions shots
Laser Power1200W
Maximum Energy120J
Wavelength808nm: the international golden standard
Spot Size1.5cm2/ 2.0 cm2
CoolingHitachi R-134a compressor cooling for machine water cooling, Ring TEC Peltier and sapphire for skin cooling on applicator
Compressor Power300W
Skin Contact Temperature-15 ℃ to -5 ℃
Working Hours7×24 hours continuous operation
LCD Screen10.4 inch
Optional Modes HR(hair removal for experienced operator)/ SHR(super hair removal for beginner)/ SR(skin rejuvenation)
Interface Languageall kinds of languages
VAC InputAC 220V/50-60Hz or AC 110V/50-60Hz
Guarantee2 years


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