Laser Hair Removal At Home Vs Laser Clinics – Which Is Better?



With summer rolling around, we may be starting to bare our skin a lot more, and for some of us, this also means a frantic attempt to tame the hair we let grow over the colder months. While some people opt for shaving, others turn to try permanent hair removal at home.

Gone are the days when we left all kinds of more permanent hair removal to the professionals. IPL machines are now sold everywhere, and brands are claiming that their devices can achieve the same results as a salon treatment.

But how does an IPL machine that you use at home stack up against laser treatment at a clinic? And can you really achieve salon-worthy results at home?

We explore the differences between the two so that you can choose a hair removal method that gives you smooth skin that lasts.

For laser, the energy emitted from a laser is a pure single colour focused light.Lasers are able to differentiate between skin and hair pigment, and because the light is pure, it is more accurate when it is absorbed by certain colours, so you can see better results, faster. All skin types can also be treated with laser hair removal thanks to the different wavelengths available.

However, for IPL, intense pulsed light therapy produces a variety of light waves, travelling at different wavelengths in all directions, a little like the light from a bulb. This means the light is less powerful and accurate than a laser. Success with IPL is very much dependent on technique, it’s typically less effective and can take a lot longer to achieve desired results than with laser.

Besides, due to less treatment experience at home, we usually must spend more time addressing the sudden situation, which leads to a terrible process.

What’s the cost of laser hair removal vs. at-home devices?

Initially, the lower price point might be tempting to those wanting to kick unwanted hair to the curb. After all, it’s only a one-time fee, right? Wrong! With IPL and diodes, there are hidden costs—replacement cartridges, attachments, and the need for continued shaving and waxing when you don’t get the desired results.

While professional laser hair removal may be more of an initial investment, the cost of laser hair removal is more affordable than most people think. Look for places that offer unlimited laser hair removal packages and great specials, like Milan Laser. You’ll never have to worry about touch-up fees or other surprise costs down the road because your results are guaranteed for life. And some, like Milan Laser, may even offer affordable, no-interest laser hair removal payment plans that can be as low as $29 a month.

Why Professional Laser Hair Removal is the Best Choice?

The best way to get hair-free for good is with professional in-clinic laser hair removal. Not only is there medical oversight, but you’re also in the hands of experts who will safely and thoroughly treat the areas you want hair-free.

Treating yourself at home might sound worthwhile, but in the end, at-home devices take way more time—batteries die, the treatment area is very small, and because the intensity is lower, it takes more sessions to see results. With professional laser hair removal, treatments are quick—most can be done over a lunch break—with no downtime, and the results are permanent!

Best of all, in-clinic treatments are done in a judgment-free environment by friendly medical professionals who care about you and your reasons for wanting smooth, hair-free skin.




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