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LDD3000-120-300 Diode Driver for QCW Diode Module

LDD3000-120-300 High Power Laser Diode Driver for QCW diode module 1000-40000w

Technical specification:

1、Output current:0 – 120 A,;

2、Output voltage:0 – 300 V, (self-adaptation);

3、Voltage limted:0 – 380 V, adjustable step : 1 V;

4、Output pulse width:100 – 300 us,adjustable 1 us。

5、Rising edge/ falling edge:≤ 20 us;

6、Frequency:1 – 100 Hz adjustable, step: 1 Hz, overlock: 105 Hz;

7、Trigger mode: internal trigger and external trigger

8、Control method: local and long ditance control;

9、Flow, overvoltage,overcurrent,overheating,short circuit protection

10、Input power: AC 220V×( 1±10 %)/110v  50/60 Hz。

Driver picture:


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