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LST-1006BAI 6bar 100W 808nm China bar laser 808nm

LST-1006BAI 6bar 100W 808nm China bar
OE DVS DVS-L LSR MS series macro channel laser stack
The OE macro channel is an outsourced laser, which is currently used in more 808 semiconductor hair removal instruments on the market, and is often used and maintained.
The model definition of OE’s macro-channel laser is as follows:

1. DVS stands for conventional structure and the bar is a coherent bar imported from the United States, with a width of 40 in the direction facing the laser and a height of 37. DVS-L stands for high version mechanical structure, 40 in width and 53 in height.
2. The lasers prefixed with LST represent the Chinese-made bars used by the lasers. Also divided into LST and LST-L. The size is consistent with DVS and DVS-L.
3. DVS-MS represents a mechanical structure similar to FLT. , width 20, height 26. 100W single bar can put up to 6bar
4. DVS-ML represents the mechanical structure of tall MS., width 20, height 48.9. 100W single bar is expected to put 12 bar.
5. The DVS structure also has a water-through structure. At this time, an H will be added before the AI ​​​​to replace it.
6. 3222 represents wavelength allocation, the order is 1064 800 808 (false three waves)
7. B in BAS means that the bar is 100W, if B is default, it means that the bar is 50W
8. AS stands for triple suffix
9. AI stands for single wave 808 suffix
10. AI stands for single-wave 808 suffix, C stands for domestic strip
11. There are many lasers with different shapes customized by OE company, and the models here are still incomplete. If you encounter a model that is not in the form, you can consult the old salesman and purchase for consultation.
12. Early OE lasers do not have a true bar of 755, so 790 is generally used instead. However, if the customer can distinguish the true and false 755nm bars by identifying the color, they can separately request the use of true 755nm bars when purchasing, then the sales price needs to be calculated according to the following introduction.


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