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Morpheus 8

Fractional Radio Frequency Micro Needle Anti-Aging Machine

Morpheus 8, as the gold RF Crystallite beauty instrument, is a brand-new high-end medical minimally invasive skincare device that combines radiofrequency, insulated micro-needles, and dot matrix technology. Morpheus 8 penetrates deeper than any radiofrequency micro-needle puncture device currently on the market, offering minimally invasive treatment for deep subcutaneous tissue remodeling up to 8 millimeters, aimed at reshaping collagen and coagulating adipose tissue. It provides doctors with a new solution for anti-aging and skin surface repair, and enables customized full-body treatments.


What Does Gold Microneedling Address?

1. Wrinkles: Crow’s feet, forehead lines, nasolabial folds, neck lines.

2. Facial rejuvenation and lifting.

3. Stretch marks and striae.

4. Enlarged pores.

5. Dull skin texture.

6. Redness.

7. Skin whitening.

8. Acne scars.

9. Atrophic scars.

10. Routine skin maintenance and care.

Action Principle

Morpheus 8 is a minimally invasive dot matrix treatment that combines micro-needling with radiofrequency (RF) energy.

Under electronic control, dozens of insulated needles rapidly penetrate the epidermis, emit RF energy from their tips, and then quickly retract. The fine needles deliver RF energy deep into the skin, creating micro-injuries that open up absorption channels for nutrient products, enhancing the efficacy of active ingredients. The physical puncturing and thermal stimulation from the RF energy together activate the skin’s self-repair mechanism, stimulate the production of fibroblasts and collagen, reducing fat and providing skin tightening and contouring.

It offers personalized skincare solutions for various conditions.

Procedure Steps

Dermal Physical Microneedling – Skin Tightening and Lifting:

Breaks through the epidermal barrier to accurately target deep layers.

High-Energy Constant Radiofrequency – Wrinkle-Free and Plump:

Radiofrequency energy stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, resulting in more supple, moisturized, and elastic skin without wrinkles.

Transdermal Multi-Effect Drug Delivery – Bright and Transparent Skin:

Customized treatment drugs are introduced along the microneedle-created pathways for enhanced effects.

Machine Details

★ Modern Aesthetic Design

Morpheus 8 features an upright body design with versatile swivel casters, a classic combination of royal blue and black that exudes an understated luxury with a sense of stability and fashion. The fusion of technological prowess and aesthetics positions it as a standout in the professional beauty sector.

★ Advanced Smart System

Selectable Treatment Areas:

Face, neck, body.

with 4 optional probes for personalized treatment.

Operation Modes:

Single shot: the micro-needles are fired once per foot pedal press, and must retract from the skin before firing again. Recommended for beginners.

Double shot: the micro-needles are fired twice consecutively per foot pedal press, with a second automatic firing after the first to release energy, retracting from the skin once the energy is fully released.

Working Modes:

Fixed mode: the micro-needles automatically release energy at a set depth beneath the skin, and must retract before the foot pedal can be pressed again for another firing.

Burst mode: releases energy at two to three different depths beneath the skin.

★ Multiple Treatment Heads

Dual handle design, in conjunction with a foot pedal, for more precise and professional treatment.

Various probe specifications: 12P, 24P, 40P, and nano-crystal head, single-use for peace of mind.
12P: Suitable for dead corners or smaller treatment areas.
24P: Suitable for the face and neck.
40P: Suitable for body areas, for larger and deeper tissue treatments.
Nano-crystal head: For infusion, lifting, and tightening


Safer, faster and longer-lasting.

1. Provides the deepest radiofrequency dot matrix treatment available, penetrating subcutaneous tissue up to 8mm.

2. Personalized precision operation: The depth is adjustable from 0.5 to 7mm, allowing for free adjustment of needle depth, suitable for any skin thickness.

3. Innovative burst mode: Deep segmental subcutaneous heating technology, with multi-level, point-by-point treatment in one session for even and stable energy delivery.

4. Insulated probe device with “Super sharp + high-quality gold plating + conical design”; the needle body is 0.22mm, tapering to 0.1mm at the tip, minimizing damage to the epidermis, avoiding skin pigmentation burns, virtually painless, no bleeding. Enhances safety and effectiveness.


Reference Parameters

Probe ModeTreatment AreaRF EnergyDepthMode
12Psmall area, eye area, nose40-80W0.5-1.0mmRegular Mode
24Pbony area, forehead, chin40-80W0.5-1.0mmRegular Mode
24Psoft tissue, neck60-80W0.8-1.5mmRegular Mode
24Pface80-150W1.0-2.0mmRegular Mode
40Pbody80-200W2.0-6.0mmBurst Mode
12Pcurved and shallow areas of the body60-100W1.0-2.5mmRegular Mode


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