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Night Universe Titanium

3200W UFLP Micro-Channel Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Redefine Hair Removal Technology

◆ Unveil Smooth Perfection with Micro-Channel UFLP Handle

The Night Universe series diode hair removal device, with a powerful 3200W output, integrates premium hardware with an intelligent multi-mode interface. It offers the 808nm gold standard. The handle’s 4 optional spot sizes and TEC skin cooling ensure a painless hair removal experience for all skin types and body areas.

This cutting-edge Micro-Channel device boasts an output power of 3200W, delivering hair removal effects and efficiency that are double that of traditional macro-channel devices. Thanks to micro-channel technology, the Ivyice handle can complete the hair removal process of a leg in just five minutes, offering clients an unprecedented experience of speed and comfort.

Treatment Effect

To achieve optimal hair removal, 3 to 6 laser treatments are typically required. This is because hair goes through growth, resting, and shedding phases, and laser treatment mainly targets hair in the growth phase. Multiple treatments ensure all hair cycles are covered.

During the treatment process, the skin and hair will exhibit the following:

Initial Stage: At the start, the hair is exposed to laser light, which heats and deactivates the hair follicle. There may be slight redness or warmth in the treated area, but it usually subsides quickly.

Mid-Treatment: As treatments progress, hair growth slows down, becoming finer and lighter in color. Some hair may stop growing, and the growth cycles of others may be disrupted.

Late Stage: After several sessions, most hair will no longer grow, and the skin will become smoother. There might be minor pigmentation in the treated area, but it typically resolves within a few weeks.

Post-Treatment: Eventually, after sufficient sessions, permanent hair removal can be achieved. The skin should remain smooth without hair regrowth and with no significant side effects.

Semiconductor laser hair removal is a highly effective and safe method for hair removal, based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. This principle, proposed by Anderson and Parish in 1983, suggests that specific wavelengths of laser light are selectively absorbed by targeted chromophores. In the context of hair removal, the melanin within the hair follicles and shafts acts as the chromophore, absorbing the laser’s energy. This absorption generates localized heat, which diffuses and induces thermal necrosis in the hair follicle’s germinative cells, effectively inhibiting hair regrowth.

Predator leads the industry with its integration of the latest diode laser advancements, offering a cutting-edge system that enhances both the safety and effectiveness of treatments. The intelligent cooling mechanism also ensures the device’s longevity and reliability.

TEC Skin Cooling for Comfort: Equipped with TEC skin cooling technology, Predator provides a comfortable and painless experience. This system is designed to lower skin surface temperature during treatment, offering a soothing effect and reducing discomfort.

Freon Compressor for Efficiency: A standout feature of Predator is the use of a freon compressor in its cooling system. This choice underscores our commitment to quality, as these compressors offer superior cooling efficiency and consistent performance, even during extended use.


High Power


Precise 120J/cm² energy output

Multiple Wavelengths

International golden standard: 808nm

4 spot sizes(1.5cm²/2.0cm²/4.0cm²+optional facial tip 6mm)

TEC Cooling, No Pain

The top-tier ring TEC maintains the contact head at -15 ℃~-5 ℃

Ensuring a truly painless and comfortable treatment experience

Multiple Modes for Option

HR(for experienced operators), SHR(for beginners), SHR Stack(for tiny areas)

Tailored treatment plans for diverse scenarios

Machine Body

Elegant Appearance

The machine body adopts a streamlined design. The surface is decorated with LED colored lights, giving people a fantastic and beautiful cosmic visual experience. At the same time, it is equipped with a larger and thinner touch screen reaching 15.6 inch, making the streamlining machine more high-end and fashionable. The handle socket has a pair of auto-opening and closing protective shields, enhancing both appearance and convenience.

Modular Internal Structure

The modular structure simplifies maintenance and inspection. With each component housed in individual modules, any malfunction can be quickly isolated and addressed by simply removing the affected part for repair or replacement. This efficient design lowers maintenance costs and decreases reliance on specialized technicians, making it easier for users to manage.

Compressor Cooling System

Japan Hitachi r-134a compressors together with fans to cool the machine body, ensuring 24-hour stable and safe operation.

The external quick-snap water tank and PP+DI filter allow for effortless removal and installation.

Smart Interface

15.6-inch smart touch screen with 3 modes: HR(for experienced operators), SHR(for beginners), SHR Stack(for tiny areas).


No need of gel !

◆ Energy:
Optional 2000W-3200W (TWICE the power in macro-channel technology)
3200W high power, 120J/cm² precise energy output. High frequency: 20Hz

◆ Cooling:
German microchannel cooling technology & advanced ring TEC imported from Japan with SCMT technology will keep the temperature of the skin  contact head at -15°C ~ -5°C, making the treatment painless and more comfortable for patients.

◆ Wavelengths:

◆ Spot sizes:
1.0/1.5/2.0/4.0cm²,adapted with optional facial tip 6mm(for hard areas like ears, nostrils and glabella).

World-class Components:
◆ US Coherent bars with precise energy output and a longer lifespan of 40 million shots.
◆ Special light cone with nearly 100% light transmission reduces light loss.

Why Choose UFLP technology??

Ultrafast Laser Pulse (UFLP) technology is a sophisticated hair removal method that leverages selective photothermal action and photoacoustic effects. By drastically shortening the laser pulse duration, it significantly reduces heat diffusion and minimizes damage to the surrounding skin. This technology empowers the Night Universe hair removal device to deliver up to 120 joules of energy over an area of 1 square centimeter, complemented by a high frequency of 20 hertz, greatly enhancing both the effectiveness and efficiency of hair removal treatments. An innovative breakthrough of the Night Universe device is that, unlike traditional hair removal instruments, it does not require the use of gel during the hair removal process, offering users a more convenient and comfortable experience.

Why Choose Micro-Channel Technology?

  • Twice the Efficiency: An output power of 3200W, TWICE macro-channel technology. Hair removal effects and efficiency are twice as high as macro-channel technology.
  • Rapid Operation: Complete the hair removal of a leg within five minutes, significantly increasing service efficiency.

Micro-channel technology offers a significant advantage in heat dissipation. With the same peak power, the average power and duty cycle of micro-channels can be more than double that of macro-channels (macro-channels at 20% duty cycle, while micro-channels can reach 40% to 50%). Under pulse mode, the hair removal effect and speed of micro-channels are twice as effective as those of macro-channels.


Night Universe UFLP20003200
Laser TypeDiode Laser
Laser BarCoherent bars imported from USA
Energy Density120J/cm²
Pulse Width0-360ms
Spot Size1.0/1.5/2.0/4.0cm²(optional facial tip 6 mm)
Life Expectancy40 million shots
Skin Contact Temperature-15 ℃ to -5 ℃
CoolingHitachi R-134a compressor for machine water cooling, ring TEC and sapphire for skin contact cooling, fans for inside power supply and control system cooling
Working Hours7×24 hours continuous operation
Touch Screen15.6 inch
Net Weight65KG
Package Size126*64*62cm
Guarantee2 years


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