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Novalas S4 Mini Molecular

Novalas S4 Mini Molecular

IPL High Intense Pulsed Molecular Light & ND:YAG Multi Function Machine

As Oriental-laser’s newly launched multi function machine, NOVALAS S4 Mini Molecular adopts newly upgraded Firstlight xenon lamp imported from UK, providing a long life expectancy of 1 millions shots. Various wavelengths of double handpieces for option, in conjunction with 2000W super IPL power and the golden 8*40 spot size, easily achieves a remarkable innovative treatment performance for all skin and hair types. A world-class smart system ensures an painless one-stop treatment experience.

Technical Confidence

Firstlight Xenon Lamp Imported from UK

2000W High Power &1,000,000 Long Lifetime

Nippon Capacitors Imported from Japan

24h Steady Operation

Various Wavelengths

8 Types, Precise Treatment

Multi Function

One Stop Treatment


With the latest technology and optimal precise wavelengths, it can reach 1-3mm under the skin, stimulate collagen and fiber cell regeneration, shrink pores, remove fine lines, lift facial contour, smooth acne and marks, and remove yellow and white.

The most advanced integrated cooling system is used to cool the handle to keep the temperature of the skin contact head at -15 ℃ to -5 ℃, shown by visible ice, making the treatment painless and more comfortable. The molecular filter has a specific homogenizing energy effect, greatly improving treatment comfort.

Based on the original Novalas S1 series, S4 newly adds another specialized ND:YAG handpiece for Pico Laser mode, enhancing the professionalism and performance of tattoo removal, which greatly improves the functionality and efficiency of the machine.

Newly upgrade system, besides classical 5 indications: acne, vascular pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, wrinkle removal, S4 newly adds Pico Laser operation interface for tattoo removal. Each indication has a corresponding exclusive treatment interface, making the treatment operation more professional and convenient.

We not only provide 3 molecular promotion wavelengths(490nm, 530nm, 585nm) and a 640nm window for skin rejuvenation, hair removal and wrinkle removal, but also offer 532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm(and even a 755nm honeycomb head) heads for tattoo removal.  Together with the golden 8*40 mm spot size and adjustable 1-10 flashes in 1 second, you can never find a more precise energy emitting control on any other machine to manage different beauty problems so perfectly.

Nippon brand capacitors are imported from Japan, 500V 15000mf, ensuring continuous operation for 24 hours without energy decay. Firstlight xenon lamp imported from UK with a life expectancy of 1 millions shots, works at a 2000W super IPL power to provide customers an extremely fast and steady treatment experience.


Novalas SHR Handle Model A

for hair removal

  • British Firstlight lights
  • 8*40mm quartz window
  • 640nm
  • -15 ℃ to -5 ℃

PICOLAS Mini Handpiece Model B

for tattoo removal

  • British Firstlight lights
  • 532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm(755nm honeycomb head is optional)
  • Single pulse energy: 1-2000mj
  • aviation aluminum body


ModelNOVALAS S4 Mini Molecular
LampFirstlight xenon lamp imported from UK
Life Expectancy1 million times
IPL Power2000W
Capacitor15000uf 450V Japanese Nippon capacitors
Energy Density50J/cm2
Pulse Width1-50ms
HandpieceNovalas SHR handle model APICOLAS mini handpiece Model B
Spot Size8*40 mm 
Single pulse energy 1-2000mj
Filter Wavelength3 molecular promotion windows(490nm, 530nm, 585nm) & a 640nm window for skin rejuvenation, hair removal and wrinkle removal532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm(755nm honeycomb head is optional)
Skin Contact Temperature-15 ℃ to -5 ℃
Working Hours7×24 hours continuous operation
LCD Screen15.6 inch
Indicationsacne, vascular pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, hair removal and wrinkle removal
Interface Languageall kinds of languages
VAC InputAC 220V/50-60Hz or AC 110V/50-60Hz
Guarantee2 years



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