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RF+Vacuum+Roller+Infrared+LED 5-in-1 Slimming Beauty Machine

Embrace the transformative power of OL-V1, a cutting-edge device that harnesses the synergistic effects of negative pressure, radiofrequency (RF) technology, maneuvering rollers, LED light therapy, and infrared light to combat cellulite and the signs of aging.

For those seeking to achieve and maintain an impeccable physique, OL-V1 represents the pinnacle of innovation in body contouring. It integrates the most advanced five-in-one therapeutic approach, combining efficacy with the latest technology to help you regain and preserve the perfect body curve.

What is OL-V1?

OL-V1 is a comprehensive solution that integrates five distinct therapies to effectively address the issue of cellulite.

RF (Radiofrequency): It warms adipose tissue at a depth of 10-15mm, accelerating the breakdown of triglycerides.
Negative Pressure: Regular negative pressure massage promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces the volume of fat cells.
Maneuvering Roller: Four-mode roller massage effectively breaks down adipose connective tissue.
LED: 750nm infrared LED light stimulates the tissue, while infrared light penetrates the dermis to prevent lax skin after slimming.
Near Infrared: It increases body oxygen levels, transforming inert water into independent water molecules.
These five technologies work together to enhance metabolic waste elimination and tissue oxygenation, restoring the normal arrangement of connective and fat tissues through stimulation and massage.

OL-V1 features a specialized manual handpiece designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring ease of use for both local and extensive areas. The complete slimming system has been clinically proven to reduce fat cells associated with cellulite and can provide valuable support following liposuction.

OL-V1 is suitable for all body types, reducing cellulite, decreasing inches, and increasing skin flexibility.

What to Expect?


Utilizes negative pressure, infrared, LED, maneuvering rollers, and RF to resolve and reduce the volume of adipose fat. Enhances the cellular excretion of waste, diminishes cellulite tissue, breaks down stubborn cellulite fibers, and eliminates the decomposed fat.


2-3 sessions per week, with a course consisting of 10 sessions.


After 1-2 courses, expect a reduction of 3-10 cm in measurements. Clinical tests show that OL-V1 can effectively eliminate 65% of cellulite tissues, with an average size reduction of 1-3 inches and an average weight loss of 2-6 kilograms.

Nursing Care Time:

90 minutes.

Home Care Suggestion:

Complement the treatment with a healthy diet for optimal results.


Sculpt Health:

Reduce fat without causing dehydration.

True Fat Reduction:

Genuinely decrease fatty acids and the volume of fat cells, ending the cycle of weight regain.

Perfect Profiling:

Achieve a perfect silhouette while losing weight and reducing size, fulfilling the true goal of weight loss.

Flexible Shaping:

Acts on all body parts to create a flexible form.

No Dieting Required:

Maintain a balanced diet without the need for strict dieting.

Skin Elasticity:

Prevents skin laxity after weight loss, maintaining good skin elasticity.
Skin Improvement: Enhances the appearance of stretch marks and loose skin.

Working Principle

RF Thermal Stimulation

Utilizes radiofrequency to enhance blood circulation and lymphatic system function, promoting fat metabolism. The thermal energy can reach up to 15mm under the skin, accelerating metabolism and improving ligament and muscle flexibility. OL-V1’s 10MHz frequency capability allows for rapid temperature increase for efficient body contouring.

LED Energy Stimulation Therapy

LED Energy Stimulation Therapy: LED therapy uses light to stimulate cell repair and growth, similar to photosynthesis, converting light energy into ATP for faster healing and tissue regeneration.

Near Infrared Stimulation Therapy

Near Infrared Stimulation Therapy: Near infrared induces thermal effects and resonance in body water molecules, accelerating circulation and metabolism of fatty acids, and aiding in balancing body pH and alleviating pain.

Negative Pressure Physical Effect

This therapy uses controlled air pressure changes to benefit different tissue layers:

Skin LayerImproves cell mobility, reduces edema, and removes excess moisture.
Vascular LayerEnhances microcirculation and detoxifies the body, strengthening vessels.
Fiber LayerIntegrates effects in tissues, repairs cells, boosts vitality, and stimulates collagen production for skin elasticity.
Nervous LayerActivates the sympathetic nervous system, enhancing skin sensitivity and elasticity.

Three-Dimensional Body Contouring Therapy – Maneuvering Rollers

3D Body Contouring Therapy – Maneuvering Rollers: The device’s dual rollers with four modes provide targeted massages for slimming, reducing edema, and improving fat breakdown and cellulite reduction, enhancing body aesthetics.

Machine Details


Handpiece No.160cm²Arm, back, waist, belly, buttocks, thigh, calfRF+Vacuum
Handpiece No.230cm²Arm, back, waist, belly, buttocks, thigh, calfRF+Vacuum
Handpiece No.35cm²Waist, belly, buttocks, thighRF+Vacuum
Handpiece No.41.5cm²Face, eye, neckRF+Vacuum

Handpiece No.1

Handpiece No.2

Handpiece No.3

Handpiece No.4

RF power≤50W
RF frequence≤10MHz
Vacuum pressure≤0.1Mpa
Roller speed≤36R/M
Rotation direction4 modes
Infrared power≤25W
LED wavelength750nm
LED power≤max 0.5W(each LED)
Screen8-inch high definition LCD touch screen
Net weight/kg51kg

Question and Answer

  • Q: What is OL-V1?
    A: OL-V1 represents the forefront of body contouring technology, integrating RF, negative pressure, LED, infrared, and maneuvering rollers to effectively combat cellulite, enhance fat metabolism, and achieve a sculpted physique.
  • Q: What are the contraindications for using OL-V1?
    A: OL-V1 is suitable for healthy individuals without malignant diseases.
  • Q: Why is OL-V1 more effective for treating cellulite than other methods?
    A: OL-V1’s effectiveness stems from its combination of RF thermal therapy, LED and infrared treatments, negative pressure sculpting, and maneuvering rollers, all within a single device.
  • Q: What kind of results can one expect from using OL-V1?
    A: Clinical trials indicate that OL-V1 can effectively eliminate up to 65% of cellulite tissues, with an average reduction of 1-3 inches in size and a weight loss of 2-6 kilograms.
  • Q: Do I need to wear special attire or stockings during the treatment?
    A: No special clothing is required; simply apply slimming oil to the treatment area.
  • Q: How long until I see results?
    A: The full course consists of 10 sessions, twice weekly, and noticeable effects can be seen within 1-2 months.
  • Q: Is it dangerous? What does it feel like?
    A: Designed with cosmetic technology, OL-V1 is very safe. The sensation is akin to a warm massage.


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