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Oriental laser appeared at the LASER World of PHOTONICS exhibition,in Germany

From June 27th to June 30th, the 2023 Munich Laser and Optoelectronics Exhibition in Germany was held at the Munich New International Expo Center. The Oriental laser team brought many star products of two series of semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers to the exhibition. Oriental laser Company Booth No.: A3.160-1

2023 LASER-World of Photonics in Munich, Germany, exhibition time: June 27-June 30, 2023, exhibition location: Germany-Munich-Messegelände, 81823-Munich New International Expo Center.

LASER-World of Photonics is the only professional photonics exhibition in the world that covers all categories of the entire photonics industry and showcases the most cutting-edge technology. At that time, thousands of optoelectronic companies worldwide will gather at the Munich New International Expo Center. A variety of new products with novel designs and leading technologies, new solutions, and application technologies that keep up with the world trend will be presented on the stage one after another. At the same time, the presence of a large number of investors and traders will pave the way for the conversion of advanced science and technology into real productivity. Bringing together a first-class audience of international professionals offers you excellent opportunities to make new connections with potential clients and thus grow new business.


Participate in this exhibition, and discuss the process technology and development trend of laser application equipment with global partners through product display, application explanation, technical discussion, etc.

At the exhibition, customers showed strong interest in Dongfang Qiangguang’s many products, such as bar stacking products used in solid-state laser pumping, printing, medical, military, and other fields.

Our core products are diode lasers and diode side-pumped gain modules. Over the years, we have been committed to continuously optimizing the gain module manufacturing technology from various perspectives such as module structure design, heat dissipation process, packaging process, array arrangement, etc., to provide stable, reliable, and excellent performance side pump modules for many customers. Gain modules are divided into continuous CW modules and pulsed QCW modules. Among them, QCW the module also includes a conduction cooling module and a water-cooling module.

GN series continuous working module power is optional from 35W-450W;

The maximum energy storage of GQ and JQ series pulse modules can reach 8J;

The crystal diameter is optional from 2mm-25mm, and the conventional crystal material is ND: YAG; other crystal diameters or materials can be customized also.


Products on display at the show include:

Conduction CoolingDiode Lasers

Conduction-cooling diode lasers are widely used in solid-state pumped lasers. In view of the development trend of lightweight and miniaturization of conduction cooling modules, Oriental-laser has designed ARC series arc laser arrays, MZ series area array laser arrays, CIR series ring laser arrays, and other structures to meet customer needs. These diode lasers have the characteristics of compact structure, flexible collocation, and high reliability. Single bar peak power is optional from 100W, 200W, 300W, and 500W. A single laser peak power can reach 30,000W and single-wavelength and multiple-wavelength combinations are optional. Our Laser bar is gold tin packaging with high reliability.


Water Cooling Diode Laser

OL( S) series micro-channel vertical stack laser

OL(S)Series micro-channel vertical stack laser has a unique airtight structure design with internal nitrogen perfusion, dust-proof and moisture-proof, and it has better stability and life.

HS Series Horizontal Line Array

HS series horizontal line array is to lay the bars horizontally on the water-passing heat sink to meet the needs of the pump structure. They are divided into two working modes: CW and QCW. The selection of hard solder and soft solder and the matching of various wavelength combinations can be realized according to the needs of users.

CIR Series Ring Water Cooling Array

CIR series ring water cooling array distributes the bars annular on the inner circumference of the water-cooled annular heat sink. With a flexible bar pitch as low as 0.43mm, when applied to pump module design, CIR greatly improves power density and pump efficiency. CIR series lasers are packaged in gold and tin and can be combined with various wavelengths to meet the requirements of the full-temperature design.

Product application :

◆ Pumping

◆ Material processing

◆ Medical cosmetology


GQ/JQ Series QCW DPSS Gain Module

GQ/JQ Series QCW DPSS Gain Modules are divided into water cooling and conduction cooling and are widely used in laser

amplifiers, laser resonators, medical beauty, and laser radar. Oriental-laser has gained rich experience in diode laser module

customization, with quite a lot of cases and practical experience in the past ten years, and won the trust of many customers. The

performance characteristics of these series are as follows:

◆ The maximum energy storage can reach 8J;

◆ The crystal diameter is optional from 2mm-25mm, and the conventional crystal material is ND: YAG; other crystal diameters or

materials can be customized;

◆ The central wavelength of pumping light is 808nm or other multiple wavelengths can be combined


GN Series CW DPSS Gain Module

GN series CW side pump diode laser module is always the superior product of Oriental-laser, with stable performance, small

power fluctuation, high efficiency, and other characteristics, output power from 35W-450W optional, widely used in scientific research,

industrial processing and other fields.


Diode Lasers Solution for Medical Application

1060nm Laser Body Contouring—-Handpiece Module

Ivysculpt Pro module and Ivysculpt module are both 1060nm laser applicator inner modules. Customers only need to configure the appropriate shell to complete the design of the entire handle. The SculptPro module features rare front mirror water technology, making the treatment experience more comfortable and safer.

Diode Laser Hair Removal—- Handpiece Module

This is a finished laser handpiece inner head. Customers only need to configure the appropriate shell to complete the design of the entire handle.


Diode Laser Hair Removal—Micro Channel Diode Laser Stack

Oriental-laser designed various structures of microchannel diode laser stack including OL (S), DLS, FLT, SYN, and AL series. Compare to

macro channel laser, micro channel laser has better heat dissipation, so with the same peak power, micro channel average power and duty cycle

can reach more than twice of a macro channel laser. Also in pulse conditions, laser hair removal affection and speed can be doubled as the same

power of macro channel laser. Single bar peak power 50W,100W,200W can be optional,waves are also


Water Cooled Diode Laser


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