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Make the Most of Your Predator

Means Different Applications
Better Results
More Profitable

Predator is a multi-application platform that can match different applicators from SUPERICE, IVYICE, Nd: YAG 1064nm Applicator, NIR Face & Body 1300nm Applicator to IPL/SHR Applicator. So you can do different applications like Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Skin Remodeling Tone & Texture, Skin Rejuvenation Tightening & Lifting,Dilute Pigments & Vascular.

With a new precise laser fluence calculation operation system, and better cooling contact spot -15°C to 5°C, Predator can ensure a much more effective and comfortable laser hair removal treatment.

Armed with an updated system, with high-end customized configurations, Predator will offer you a really low input but high output working platform.


Why Predator ?

Predator is a powerful and versatile treatment solution for a wide range of aesthetic needs. Equipped with high-end refrigeration modules and luxurious styling elements, this multi-application platform offers a full spectrum of technologies, applicators, tips and treatment methods that achieve outstanding results.

A Full Spectrum

of Solutions

Predator provides safe and effective treatments for a wide range of indications, including:

◆ Hair Removal
◆ Tattoo Removal
◆ Skin Remodeling Tone & Texture
◆ Skin Rejuvenation Tightening & Lifting
◆ Dilute Pigments & Vascular

Predator Newly Design Main Body

Innovation and Advantages

Hand-piece Advantages

Really pursue product quality Willing to pay 10 times more effort for subtle progress Perfectly present a more comfortable and safer hair removal effect

Oriental-laser hair removal handle is a perfect choice for any distributor or end-user.

① Accurate laser energy output to ensure real effective hair removal

② Extremely fast cooling to provide comfortable treatment

TEC Cooling Peltier
Annular TEC imported from Japan with SCMT tech will keep the temperature of the skin contact head from -15°C to 5°C, making the treatment more comfortable for patients.

Heat Conduction Silicon Piece
2 pcs of exclusive mold opening design of heat conduction silicon piece, better heat dissipation than common smearing application of thermal conductive silicone grease,ensures the consistency of heat dissipation.

Treatment Contact Head
A new weight-reduced aluminum treatment head in contact with the skin, will reduce the need for heat dissipation and better ensure the cooling performance of the handle

③ Guaranteed the safety performance of laser hair removal

Trapezoidal Design Sapphire
The sapphire has a trapezoidal design to ensure a perfect fit between the sapphire and the contact head, ensuring the safety and not falling off during any treatment.

Protective Sleeve & Strap
The design of many handle details, including hand protector sleeve and wrist straps, is to ensure the safety of therapists and patients.

Treatment Contact Head

Our contact head has passed the biocompatibility test and has a internationally recognized certificate. There will be no safety worrying for years of working.

The Predator 's Applicators

Oriental-Laser Portfolio of Leading Applicators ◆ Hair Removal

Super ICE

New update
① Quattro waves & spot size ② Skin contact cooling -15°C to 5°C

This exclusive applicator is a valuable asset for any clinic. With its USA Coherent laser bar, largest 4.0 cm2 spot size, and integration of three wavelengths, it facilitates increased treatment coverage to reduce treatment time and make the process easy and safe for patients. With Super ICE 4cm2 , hair removal is quick, efficient, and convenient.

◆ Spot sizes: adapted with facial tip 2.0, SPI1.5, SPI2.0, or SPI 4.0 optional
◆ Super ICE handle is with screen for showing treatment parameters
◆ Imported Coherent USA bars can ensure 40millions shots lifetime
◆ Laser Power changed from 1000W-1200W-1600W
◆ Wavelength can be optional from single 808nm or Quattro combination (755nm/808nm/940nm/1064nm)
◆ Special light cone, nearly 100% light transmission reduces light loss
◆ Ring-shaped cooling pads can cool down contact spot from -15°C to 5°C

Oriental-Laser Portfolio of Leading Applicators ◆ Hair Removal


① High power density ② Micro channel bar
This optional applicator is designed to serve higher-end customized customers. With its Germany Jenoptik imported micro channel bar, also equipped with the largest 4cm2 spot size, and integration of three wavelengths, it facilitates increased treatment coverage to significantly reduce treatment time and make the process easier and safer for patients. With IVYICE 4cm2 , hair removal is quicker, more efficient, and more convenient. Also, you have different spot sizes IVYICE1.0cm2 , 1.5cm2 , 2.0cm2 and facial tip 2.0 optional. Meanwhile, you can freely match 1 applicator or 2 applicators working platform with single wave 808nm or Quattro combination (755nm/808nm/940nm/1064nm).