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PREDATOR Titanium Series

Equipped with high-end refrigeration modules and luxurious styling elements, PREDATOR Titanium offers a full spectrum of technologies, applicators and tips that achieve outstanding results for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Armed with IVYICE applicator, different spot sizes IVYICE1.0cm²,1.5cm²,2.0cm²,4.0cm²and facial tip 2.0 can be optional. Meanwhile you can freely match 1 applicator or 2 applicators working platform with single wave 808nm or Quattro combination (755nm/808nm/940nm/1064nm).


PREDATOR :Stronger, Faster, Painless

New Super Ice contact cooling technology, the spot can be iced and skin can be calm down after laser treatment. Can treat all different skin types from I to VI skin types. the machine is made with Germany laser and also with trio waves, 755, 808, 1064nm. PREDATOR offer a powerful energy-based treatment and also long and stable working lifetime.

  • Japan imported refrigeration compressor
  • Germany imported Micro channel bar 
  • Original operating system
  • Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation and Whitening


PREDATORTi tanium Series T1 T2 T3 T1+ T2+ T3+ duet
Laser type Diode Laser
Wavelength 808nm 808nm/755nm/1064nm/940nm optional match
Laser Energy 0 - 40J
Power 800W 1000W 1200W 800W 1000W 1200W match
Pulse Width 0-600ms
Frequency 1-10Hz
Skin type IMI
Spot size 1.0cm² 1.5cm² 2.0cm² 4.0cm²
Facial tip (yes/no) yes
Operation mode SHR STACK, SHR, HR
  Cooling type Hitachi R-134a Compressor cooling for body machine working Ring-shaped TEC peltier cooling for sapphire on applicator skin contact Double external filters and water tank recycling Fans and radiators combination
Handle cooling -15℃ -  5℃
Net weight 48KG
Package size 72*64*56cm


Enough spot size option for wherever laser hair removal area you want

There are spot size option: 1.0 1.5 2.0 4.0, facail tips which can be used in customer facial , leg , arm and bikini line and armpit.

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Armpit
  • Bikini line
  • Leg
  • Arm
  • Lips
  • Facial
  • Ear


Micro Channel Cooler Technology

Micro channel ensures uniform heat dissipation and long lifetime of the laser bar. Only oriental laser and soprano handpiece use this cooling technology. Other competitor don’t have.

Sealed shell to protect laser from dirty and condensation.The micro-channel ensures uniform heat dissipation and the machine can work continuously for 24 hours, ensuring the safe use and life of the machine.

Micro Channel Luxurious Choice

Micro Channel Luxurious Choice

Handle Advantages

◆ Spot sizes: adapted with facial tip 2.0,IVYICE1.0,IVYICE1.5,IVYICE2.0 or IVYICE4.0 can be optional
◆ Armed with high power density micro channel bars IVYICE can work more than 50millions shots
◆ Single Laser Handle Optical Power varies from 600W to 1600W
◆ Wavelength can be optional from single 808nm or Quattro combination(755nm/808nm/940nm/1064nm)
◆ Special light cone, nearly 100% light transmission reduces light loss
◆ Ring-shaped cooling pads can cool down contact spot from-15 ℃to 5 ℃