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Machine body advantage
1. 15.6-inch touch screen.
2. New interface for HR/FHR/SR three mode for hair removal, fast hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
3. Accurate laser Fluence Calculation. Subtotal energy notice. Guaranteed hair removal effect.
4. The top half of the machine can be purchased separately as a protable machine. It is also possible to purchase the entire machine to get good apperance. The R-134a freon compressor is installed in the lower part of the fuselage and can be selected as an option. Configuration is very flexible.
5. Main body of machine warranty: 2 years


Wavelength 490nm, 530nm, 580mm, 640nm, 690mm 490nm, 530nm, 580mm, 640nm, 690mm 490nm, 530nm, 580mm, 640nm, 690mm, 1300nm 490nm, 530nm, 580mm, 640nm, 690mm, 1300nm
Spot size IPL:12*50 IPL/SHR:12*50 IPL:12*50, NIR:8*40 IPL/SHR:12*50, NIR:8*40
Frequency 1-10Hz
Pulse Width 1-50ms
Skin type 1-6
Laser Energy 0-50jcm2
Package size 62*47*88cm



Loading SuperICE X1 series handle.

1. Spot size: 1.5 2.0cm2 . Facial tip can be adapted to all spot head.
2.SuperICE Handle with screen for showing treatment parameters
3.10bars 808nm Coherent USA bars. 40millions shots life time. 755nm 940nm 1064nm canbe choose also.
4. Ring-shaped peltier cooling sheet is used for skin cooling of the treatment head on Headpiece: -5°C to 5°C
5. Warranty of SPI handpiece: 1 year

REJUVENATOR External Chiller

1. The lower body cabinet of the rejuvenator with R134a compressor inside. To provide extra cooling for upper protable machine.
2. The external chilller is matched with the upper body to make the whole equipment smooth and comfortable.
3. And also this external chiller can be matched other protable machine for extra cooling also.