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SOFTLAS ND YAG Laser Alexandrite laser 3000W long pulse JAPAN handpiece 755nm/1064nm Gentle Alex Pro Laser Hair Removal Machine


Faster treat
An enhanced 2 Hz repetition rate enables you to treat more patients faster.

Dual Wavelength Delivery System
755 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths for ultimate treatment convenience.

Multiple Spot Sizes
6,8,10,12,15, and 18 mm, spot sizes are anatomically appropriate and offer greater fluence delivery capabilities.

Enhanced Intuitive Touch Screen
Redesigned to help you more easily select wavelength and optimal treatment parameters.

Variable Pulse Duration
From microseconds to milliseconds variable pulse durations provide improved results and safety when treating pigmented and vascular lesions on various skin types.
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Laser type ND: YAG & Alexandrite
Wavelength 1064nm & 755nm
Repetition 0~10Hz
Max Energy 80 J
Pulse Width 0.25-100 ms
Spot Sizes 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm. 18 mm
Beam Delivery Lens-coupled optical fiber with a handpiece imported from Janpen MITSUBISHI
LCD Screen 10.4inch
Input VAC AC 220V 150-60Hz or AC 110V /50-60Hz
Warranty One-year warranty (extended warranty service available)
Net weight 118KG
Package size  69 (L) x46 (W) x107 (H) cm


Technological Innovation
Traditional machines only have fans for cooling. If the machine is used for a long time, it will stop working if the cooling effect is not good. For this reason, our company specially developed a new type of cooling system: Compressor + Fan dual cooling, which greatly prolongs the working time and earns greater benefits for the merchants.

1: Suitable for any color of hair
2: Suitable for all skin types (I, II, III, IV, V, VI.)
3: Alex laser hair removal—Safe.Fast, high-efficiency
4: International Hair Removal Standard.
5: Permanent hair removal
6: Treat red and blue vessels no matter larger deeper or smaller superficial
7: Skin rejuvenation(port wine strains, skin capillaries and etc)
8: Removal pigmentation

Machine accessories (All accessories can be purchased separately)

SOFTLAS power supply+control board

SOFTLAS power supply+control board
1.3000W for one lamp pulse-width 200us-100ms, frequency 0.5-2hz

2. need 4pcs 450v 15000uf capacitance to be used together
SOFTLAS handle with fiber
handle with fiber and gas tube and wires
SOFTLAS Optical fiber

1. mitsubishi Fiber

2. length 2m,with D80 connector at both end
SOFTLAS fiber coupler
4 axis Fiber coupler for D80 connectorThe entire coupler assembly consists of a fiber D80 female contact head, an adjustment
frame, and a focusing lens clamping ring.
SOFTLAS focus lens of fiber coupler
Φ30*8, double convex lens
SOFTLAS xenon lamp 8*270

Lamp’s Outside dia.(OD) = 8 mm

Lamp’s Arc length (AL) = 125 ±1 mm
Lamp’s Body length(OL) = 250 ±1 mm
Overall length (OAL):WITH
CAPS = 270 mm ±1 mm
3 DC brushless water pump
Pump type: DC brushless water pump Type of water pump: Centrifugal pump Medium temperature: 0-100℃ Ambient temperature: -25-70°C
Operating life: 20000 hours Diameter of water inlet: Φ18.0mm Diameter of water outlet: Φ10.9mm
Power: 30W per pump Voltage: 24V Flow rate: 8.5 L/Min per pump Pressure: 13 PSI per pump
Freon compressor


Product Model: BSA418CV-R1AN
Rated voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Refrigerant: R-134a
Energy: 600w
Net weight 3.6kg
SOFTLAS capacitance

1. Strong storage capacity of Nippon

2. 15000uf 450V
3. A softlas machine needs 4 capacitors









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