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100W 808nm Compressor Refrigeration Diode Hair Removal Machine
One of the works in the Bright Universe series, released in the fall of 2023. For customers in Western Europe and the United States, the upper part is exquisite in size, small and portable, and the lower part is a water chiller trolley, which is worry-free for 24-hour use. It can be separated and combined, and the application is flexible.


1. The design language of this machine is spacecraft, the whole body is made of aviation aluminum alloy, and the surface is colored and oxidized. The perfect combination of environmental protection and technology.
2. The upper body is a laser hair removal instrument with complete functions, equipped with an aluminum red handle, and the weight of the body is only 15kg. If you need to go out to work, it can be carried with one hand, which is very convenient.When she uses it in the clinic, it can run perfectly for 24 hours with the apron chiller
3. The lower part of the trolley is in the shape of an aviation apron, but it is actually an external chiller based on a Freon compressor. Cooperate with the upper aircraft to ensure 24-hour work without stopping. It can also be used with other hair removal machines in the clinic to cool it and activate your stock equipment. The integrated design of the aircraft and the landing pad, when used together, the sense of luxury surpasses that of a vertical machine, adding technological elements to your clinic.
4. External water tank and double filter, PP particle filter and DI ion exchange resin filter, the equipment maintenance is simple and quick.
5. The 10.4-inch foldable screen is protected by an aluminum alloy shell after folding, so it is not afraid of pressure or scratches when going out.
6. The program can choose circle circle and ivyfly.
7. 2-year warranty for the fuselage.


SPACECRAFT A1 500W 808nm Ultra-light Portable Compressor Refrigeration Diode Hair Removal Machine

Handle Advantages

Equipped with SUPERICE X1 handle
1. 10bar American coherent bar. The lifespan can reach 20 million times of effective light emission.
2. Laser power 500W, electric power 1000W. For each laser hair removal device, we use the Israeli Ohpir brand power meter to calibrate the energy one by one before leaving the factory to ensure that the energy fluence displayed on the interface is consistent with the actual energy. With the guidance of Oriental-laser's clinical treatment parameters for many years, you can ensure your hair removal effect.
3. Wavelength: 808nm. 755 808 940 1064 wavelengths can be customized.
4. Treatment head: 1.5cm2 and 2.0CM are optional.
5. The cooling of the treatment head uses ring-shaped TEC pletier and aviation aluminum lightweight technology, which can maintain the treatment head at -5°C-5°C to ensure comfortable and painless hair removal.
6. The LED screen on the back of the handpiece displays the treatment status and parameters.
7. The facial tip can be matched with the handles of all optical ports.
8. The hand tool is guaranteed for 1 year.