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SPI  4D laser hair removal machine


SPI is new  Super  Ice contact cooling technology, the spot can be iced and the skin can calm down after laser treatment. For hair removal treatment, the laser heats up the dermis to a temperature level that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents hair re-growth. After this heat-up, cooling down skin is very important, SPI makes patients comfortable after effective treatment.

SPI can effectively treat all different skin types from I to VI skin types. All of these people can get smooth skin after removing unwanted hair.  With this feature, more people can get treatment, and more salons can serve more clients. Why can it treat so many skin types and be effective? Cause the machine is made with USA laser and also with trio waves, 755, 808, and 1064nm, this high-quality laser confirms SPI  4D  offer a  powerful energy-based treatment and also a long and stable working lifetime.

All body part hair can be removed, including small areas such as the face, upper lip, nose, ears, and forehead, that’s because of the facial tip, this facial tip is completely the same as  Alma Lasers, and it can even work for Alma applicators.  For big areas, such as arms, legs, back, and chest, our applicator has different spot sizes as 1.5 2.0 4.0.

All clients have cared if hair removal has damage to other cells or downtime for work.  Of course not,  laser hair removal is the safest way for other cells, it only acts on the hair follicles. And no downtime for life and work.

Various laser power optional

SPI 4D Super ice

American coherent imported laser bar.

The fully enclosed laser is waterproof.

1.5 2.0 4.0 spot size optional.

755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm provide convenience for different skin tones.

The handle weight of 350g saves effort for the operator.

The annular TEC provides good cooling for the handle contacts.

The screen behind the handle synchronizes the treatment data in real-time.

Sapphire provides clients with a comfortable treatment experience.

Vacuum magnetron sputtering 2.0 laser guide no energy loss

SPI 4D internal structure

1.  One of the best power supplies recognized by  Taiwan Meanwell.

2.  The compressor imported from  Hitachi,  Japan provides 24-hour work.

3.  The three power supplies supply power to the handle, control panel, and water pump respectively. Make the machine more stable and prolong its service life.

4.  The control panel independently developed by an oriental laser has been tested in Syria, where the voltage is unstable.

5.  PP filter filters physical impurities in water.

6.  A series of water pumps speed up the circulation of the water.

7.  The temperature sensor senses the temperature of the water tank to provide safe use conditions.

8.  UV light kills microorganisms in the tank.

9.  The water tank has passed the biocompatibility test and is a food-grade plastic. No harm to the body.

10.  The heat sink dissipates heat for  Freon gas instead of water, so it won’t rust.

11.  The pipe connected to the water pump is a  yellow explosion-proof pipe made of better material instead of a silicone pipe. Ensure safe use.

Specification and the main parts

Main Part  
Diode Laser stackMacro channel laser same as alma sopranoGermany
Diode laserSealed package with Nitrogen fillingOriental-laser
Laser bar100W per bar from CoherentCoherent, USA
Headpiece head1.0 1.5 2.0 4.0cm2 optional. Facial tip optional.Oriental-laser
Facial tipAll spot sizes matched and also fitted with Original Soprano ice handpieceOriental-laser
Headpiece connectorThe newest K- model easy installation connector, which connects the headpiece to the machine body.China
Skin-cooling head on the headpiece  
SapphireReal sapphire with Excellent light transmittance and heat transfer.  Not quartz, not glass.China
PeltierThermoelectric cooler keep skin temperature below  -5–0°CChina
Water Cooling system  
Freon CompressorWater cooling system for the whole machine. use R134aHitachi, Japan
Water pump6pcs 40W pumps with 0.5MPAChina Taiwan province
PP filter5um, For removing particles in waterOriental-laser
Exchange resin filterFor Keeping water insulatorsOriental-laser
Temperature controlerFor controlling the compressorChina Taiwan province
Interface & Control system  
Touch screen15.6 inches Digital Real Color touch screenChina Taiwan province
Control boardSingle-chipGigadevice
Pulse controlMedical foot switchChina
Water flow sensorFor the whole system cooling waterChina
Temperature sensorFor the whole system cooling waterChina
Power system  
Power supply 11500W, 2000W, 3000W 3200W, 4800W depending on model No. For handpieceMeanwell, China Taiwan province province
Power supply 2300W for the Water pumpMeanwell, China Taiwan province
Power supply 3150W For the control board and touchscreenMeanwell, China Taiwan province
Max Power density per shot40J/cm2/
Spot size1.0 1.5 2.0 4.0cm2 optional. Facial tip optional./
Pulse width10-500ms/
Pulse frequency1-10Hz/
Wavelength808nm or 808+755+1064nm trio or 940nm upon request/
Laser Power800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1600W, 2000W, 2400W, 3200W up on request/
Wavelength808nm or 808+755+1064nm trio or 940nm upon request/
Smart interfaceSHR mode (Very smart mode, the treatment time for each body part is automatically calculated according to the size of the part)Same with soprano
 SHR Stack mode (A mode specially designed for hair removal on small areas)Same with soprano
 HR mode ( Expert mode)Same with soprano
Input Electrical200-240/100-110VAC, 50/60Hz or 100-110V upon request/
Machine Dimensions52cm W * 52cm D*125cm H/
Machine Weight78kg/
Box dimensions70*64*132/
Box Volume Weight119kg/


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