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SPI machine operation process for depilation

Depilation process with SPI laser hair removal machine

  1. Firstly,we add water before switch on machine. Connect all handles like this, and then add purify water, it need about 3L water. Connect a water valve to water spilt port,and connect funnel to water pipe and water valve to the water inlet port,add purify water.Till water flows out from the water spilt port. Then we connect the electrical plug, and unlock the emergency switch and switch on machine and let the machine working.
  2. Machine is ready, then operator and clients wears protect glasses and goggles.Operate as: Clean the skin ,Shave epidermal hair and clean ,Smear depilation gel ,Clean the applicator spot, Operate with applicator,when finish treatment, Clean the skin and laser applicator spot and Clear cooling gel.
  3. For treatment: Press the tip on skin downwards with some strength, and operate at constant speed in Z-shape, but the sliding interval shall not be too large. For large area, segmental operation is recommended. It is suggested to divide it into some unit areas of 5cm× The general parts (upper arm / lower leg / thigh) are suggested to divided into 2-3 areas.
  4. Treatment period:

3-5 times / treatment course.

Treatment interval should consider hair growth cycle.

Face depilation: At an interval of every 20-30 days.

Limbs and trunk depilation: At an interval of every 30-50 days .

Hair grows fewer, thinner, slower along with more treatment times.

Individual reaction are different, we suggest add some more corresponding treatments according to hair growth situation in later period.


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