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SPI Pro Handle

Meet the SPI Pro, a breakthrough in hair removal technology that combines convenience, versatility, and efficiency. Designed to revolutionize the way you approach treatments, this handle offers unparalleled flexibility and power, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for all skin types and hair removal needs.


Are you still troubled by the frequent replacement of handles during treatment? The newly launched handle with replaceable heads will solve your problem. There is no need to drag a long handle with a tube to frequently plug and unplug the machine’s port. With just one hand, you can easily change the spot size, flexibly cope with various hair removal areas and various demand scenarios, and greatly improve treatment efficiency.

The handle set provides 4 standard heads, which are 1.5/2.0/4.0 cm² and a facial tip for fine treatment of small areas such as the eyes and nose. Whether it’s efficient hair removal for large areas of skin or precise operation for small areas, this handle can easily cope.

Buying one handle is equivalent to buying four, you can hardly imagine how much unnecessary expenditure this will save you. Inquire now!

More Advantages

not only Ease Switch!

The handle comes in versions with 120W and 200W per bar, with total power up to 1200W-1800W-2000W-3000W. You rarely see such a high-power diode hair removal handle. Hair removal for a leg only takes 3 to 4 minutes, providing you with an unprecedented fast and good hair removal experience.

The handle uses the internationally recognized top TEC cooling technology with built-in ring-shaped TEC for real-time cooling. The contact head can be lowered by 5°C in less than 30 seconds, faster than any existing single light port handle. This allows the handle to maintain a temperature between -15°C and -5°C during treatment, making hair removal truly painless and comfortable.

There are 5 unique positioning probes behind the four light-emitting heads. Once the head is inserted into the handle, the machine can immediately recognize the size of the light port, eliminating the need for complex manual click confirmation. It’s convenient and worry-free.

There is an automatic magnetic attraction device between the head and the handle, which can be easily and accurately installed with one hand, and is very firm after installation, allowing you to confidently perform any treatment operation.

The world’s top FAC (fast-axis collimation) technology makes the beam more concentrated than ever, greatly improving power density and treatment accuracy. Professional operators will find that high-quality beams are the key to excellent treatment effects.

This is the best standard for hair removal recognized by the beauty industry, suitable for hair removal treatment for various skin and hair types, with the most precise wavelength and energy for the best hair removal effect.

You can even choose different types of laser components based on your needs on top of the standard package.


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