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Solve all technical problems about laser beauty equipment, technical problems about lasers

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How to Troubleshoot the Refrigeration Failure of the SPACECRAFT Handpiece

Step 1 : Check whether the TEC of the handpiece functions normally. Step 2 : Check whether the plug pins of the handpiece are in...

How to replace the control board of a laser hair removal machine

How do I replace the control board? 1. For safe operation, unplug the power cord. 2. Remove glue. To remove the glue block that...

Laser Module Coolant Recommendations

Laser diodes are usually the most expensive component in a solid-state laser system. The most frequent cause for failure in Oriental-laser laser modules is customer damage....

Beauty laser machine Arrival inspection Checklist

Machine inspection When you get the oriental laser machine, please do as follows: Check the package box, if the box is good, then open the...

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