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Vertical CW diode laser stacks

Vertical CW diode laser stacks

Our vertical stacks can be used to increase the optical output power of your diode laser. To do so, we stack up to 16 mounted laser bars to form a diode laser stack or an assembly. each of these laesr bars individually supplies up to 100 watts in cw mode. Because of the small gaps between the laser bars, you obtain maximum brilliance from the stacks, enabling you to work highly effective. You can choose between laser diode stacks with a Fast-Axis (FA) or without collimation.vertical cw diode laser stack

Vertical CW diode laesr stacks Feature

  1. High optical output power of 100w CW per bar
  2. Wavelength: 808nm±3nm
  3. High efficiency, low divergences
  4. Lifetime>10000 h, high reliability
  5. Collimation: fast axis/ without

Vertical CW diode laesr stacks Application:

Materical processing

Medical technology

Pumping source for fiber lasers and solid-state lasers.

Vertical CW diode laesr stacks Specification:







Optical parameters
Output power(w) CW 40~100-N
Output power after collimation (w) 36~90*N
Center Wavelength at 25℃ (nm) 808 808
Number of bars in one stack 1~16 1~16
Bar pitch (mm) 1.8/0.8~3 1.8/0.8~3
Center wavelength variation at 25℃ (nm) ±3/±10 ±3/±10
Typical Spectral Bandwidth (FWHM) <3 <3
Typical Fast Axis Divergence 95%(°) 66
Typical slow Axis Divergence 95%(°) 10 10
Fast Axis Divergence (Full Power)(°) <0.5
Polarization TE TE
Wavelength shift (nm/℃) ~0.28 ~0.28
Electrical Parameters
Operation current (A) ≤40~100 ≤40~100
Operating Voltage (V) ≤2*N ≤2*N
Typical Slope (W/A) >1.1 >1.1
Electro-optic Conversion Efficiency (%) >50 >50
Thermal Parameters
Operation Temperature (℃) 20~30 20~30
Storage Temperature (℃) 0~55 0~55
Storage Humidity (%) <70 <70
Cooling Deionized water Deionized water
Flow rate per bar (L/min) 0.3-0.8 0.3-0.8
  • Note:
  1. VSCW-MI-40~100-N. MI represent we use micro channel cooler as a heatsink which need Dioned water.
  2. VSCW-MI-40~100-N. 40~100 represent the laser power per bar can be 40w, 60w,100w. 100w can be use as cosmetic apllication.


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