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Vertical QCW diode laser stack

We use Ausn solder to assemble our Vertical QCW laser stack. This technology makes laser have high reliability even in harsh working environment

Vertical QCW diode laser stack Feature

1. wavelength: 808nm or up on requirement
2. output power: 500w up to 10kw
3. operation mode: QCW
4. cooling: actively cooled / passively cooled
5. FAC avalible


Vertical QCW diode laser stack Benefits:

  1. Customized upon request to adjust pumping structure
  2. Robust: Shock and vibration resistant.
  3. Reliable and high-quality: Ausn solder mounting. Works even under the most demanding climatic conditions.
  4. wavelength combination: beneficial for full temperature pumping design.
  5. Duty circle up to 20%

Vertical QCW diode laser stack Aplication:

  • High energy research: QCW pumping sources for solid-state lasers.
  • Medical technology: Long-pulse operation, use in esthietics(epilation) and dermatology.
  • Excitation light source for solid-state lasers in the 1320nm range for parenchyma surgery.
  • Defense: Short-pulse operation, use as a pumping source, for lighting or in LIDAR systems.
  • Industry: Excitation light source for solid-state and fiber lasers.


Vertical QCW diode laser stack Note:

  1. VSQCW-MI/MA-100~500-N. MI represent we use micro channel cooler as a heatsink which need deioned water. MA represent heatsink need passibely cooled or pure water cooled.
  2. VSQCW-MI/MA-100~500-N, 100~500 represent the laser power per bar can be 100w, 200w, 300w and 500w
  3. The above parameters are measured at the heat sink temperature of 25℃。
  4. The wavelegnths of each bar in a single device can be arranged and combined according tho the heat dissipation conditions.
  5. Heat sink tructure can be customized according to customer’s special requirements.

Vertical QCW diode laser stack Specification:





Optical parameters
Output power(w) QCW 100~500-N
Output power after collimation (w) 90~450*N
Center Wavelength at 25℃ (nm) 808 808
Number of bars in one stack 1~20 1~20
Bar pitch (mm) 1.8/0.8~3 1.8/0.8~3
Center wavelength variation at 25℃ (nm) ±3/±10 ±3/±10
Typical Spectral Bandwidth (FWHM) <3 <3
Typical Fast Axis Divergence 95%(°) 66
Typical slow Axis Divergence 95%(°) 10 10
Fast Axis Divergence (Full Power)(°) <0.5
Polarization TE TE
Wavelength shift (nm/℃) ~0.28 ~0.28
Electrical Parameters
Working mode QCW QCW
Maximum Duty Cycle (%) ≤20% ≤20%
Pulse Length (us) 50~1000 50~1000
Frequency (Hz) 1~1000 1~1000
Operation current (A) ≤100~500 ≤100~500
Operating Voltage (V) ≤2*N ≤2*N
Typical Slope (W/A) >1.1 >1.1
Electro-optic Conversion Efficiency (%) >50 >50
Thermal Parameters
Operation Temperature (℃) -40~60/20~30 -40~60/20~30
Storage Temperature (℃) -50~85/0~55 -50~85/0~55
Storage Humidity (%) <70 <70
Cooling Passively cooled actively cooled Passively cooled actively cooled
Flow rate per bar (L/min) */0.3-0.8 */0.3-0.8




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