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Macro-Channel Water-Cooled Vertical Diode Laser Stack

808nm, 500W=50W*10bars

Water passage at the back

AuSn bonding, sealed design against water condensation

Especially for hair removal application, high reliability


Operation ModeQCW 
Power per sub-mounts50WW
Central wavelength3 at 25°C755±10/808±3/940±3/1064±10nm
Number of sub-mounts in one stack26-10/
Fast Axis Divergence (90%)<70degrees
Slow Axis Divergence (90%)<10degrees
Spectral Width (FWHM)<5nm
Wavelength Temp. Coefficient~0.28nm/℃
Operating current4<50A
Typical Threshold current<7A
Operating Voltage per bar<2V
Slope Efficiency per Bar>1.1W/A
Max duty cycle440%
Max pulse width4400ms
Operating Temperature Range+20 to 30
Storage Temperature Range0 to 55
Operation ConditionNon-condensing atmosphere, cleaning room 
Expected lifetime20 million shots
Cooling requirement  
Flow rate<3.5L/min 
Water Temperature25±3℃ 
Water QualityDeiorized2-10 μs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger, particle filter<25μm 
cooling systemDo not use any material that combination with copper would form galvanic elements
1 See the drawing for specific models.
2 Others available upon request.
3 Wavelength can be mix upon request
4 Pulse widths, frequency, duty circle and current setting should be reasonable depending on cooling circumstance and average power of laser stack. For further technical detail please contact us to get more support.

Available Models

ModelPricePricing Calculation
VS-MA-16-50-SW808-GT-H$762.00 32*16+(16-12)*50+50=762
VS-MA-12-50-SW808-GT-H$434.00 32*12+50=434
Pricing Rule:
Chinese-made bars are $32 per bar.
For stuctures exceeding 12bars, an additional $50 is added per bar for the excess.
The GT structure costs an additional $50.


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